Led by Trump, White Supremacists Take to the Streets


We saw it during his campaign rallies. Statistics show that hate crimes have increased at an alarming rate since his election. As protests continue denouncing Trump’s illegitimate presidency, peaceful protests have been attacked by violent Trump supporters. The Ku Klux Klan newsletter and the extreme right wing rag Breitbart are celebrating victory for their white nationalist movements.

On Saturday a march was in progress in Berkeley, California, protesting Trump’s refusal to reveal his tax returns, and the very legitimacy of his presidency. Louise Rosealma was one of those who participated in the demonstration of her first amendment rights. CBS News cameras were there.

Suddenly Ms. Rosealma was ‘sucker punched’ in the face by Nathan Damigo. Damigo is the leader of a white supremacist group known as “Identity Europa.” He once tweeted: “Non-Whites are incapable of replicating White culture.” Of course he is a Trump supporter.

CBS attempted to contact Damigo for a statement; he remains in hiding.

Ms. Rosealma refused to make a statement, reporting that “since the protest, she has received rape and murder threats online.”

During his campaign Trump encouraged violence. He ordered protesters at his rallies removed physically, and was heard saying “hit him in the face.”

Every executive order, his singular failed legislative effort with Trumpcare, were all intended to harm low income and impoverished Americans, most of whom are minorities.

Trump has surrounded him with the oldest, whitest group of men in modern history; there is no diversity. When Paul Ryan posed for a photo op with House of Representative staff members, only white faces could be seen.

Finally, once again Trump confirmed his belief in fascism and white nationalism yesterday.

Turkey held an election over the weekend. The President of Turkey is Recep Tayyip Erdogan. After what many believe was a ‘coupe’ staged by Erdogan himself while he was out of the country, he began to consolidate power. He imprisoned so many of his adversaries that Turkey was forced to build additional prisons. He has become the dictator of a very diverse nation.

The results of the election, where Erdogan declared himself the winner, are being contested. The rules were changed before all of the ballots were cast.

Yesterday Trump called Erdogan to congratulate him for his ‘huge’ victory. One fascist recognizing another.

Trump plans to hang a sign on the Statue of Liberty stating “whites only.”

Just kidding, or am I?


By James Turnage


Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov

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