Why is our Government Permanently Broken? Political Parties


If you are as angry as I am at every person in Washington, we have ourselves to blame. We elected these worthless men and women. Of the 535 individuals who are taking up space in the House and the Senate, 530 of them are totally worthless. Add to them your illegitimate president and his circle of sinners, and our government is an irreparable mess.

Each member of congress receives a base salary of $174,000 per year. They cannot claim to work for it; they are expected to be in the Capitol only 100 days each year. Even then they spend most of their time fund raising and preparing for their next election.

While studying ‘government’ in high school it appeared that the job of those we elected was to serve the people; to vote for issues important to the majority. So I was young and naive.

Assuming that these men and women would ‘do the right thing’ has proven to be an act of ignorance on my part.

Political parties are the reason no government can govern effectively. Issues presented to those we elect receive scrutiny primarily based on whether or not it will benefit or harm them in their reelection bids. Whether it is the right thing to do; whether it would serve the American people or harm them; is of little concern.

We vote for self-serving and ambitious fools. No longer do they seek public office to ‘serve’ the American people, they want a life of luxury and privilege. Thanks to lobbyists and other ‘legal’ donors, a two-term senator is a million; a representative becomes a member of the wealthy class in three terms.

In one of my professions I offered advice to young men and women who were about to enter college. I hoped that they would choose a major which meant something to them, but if their only goal was to make money, I suggested two options; I told them to become a television evangelist or a politician. These two vile professions offer big rewards for little effort.

For those who are given the gift of a life in politics, our government is a game. Other than their own elections, the future of the party is the priority. The people are of no consideration for Republicans, and only a minor concern for Democrats.

Our government became an oligarchy long ago, and under Trump it will soon be a plutocracy. Democracy is only a fading memory.

Angus King and Bernie Sanders are the only two men who are labeled ‘Independents’ in the Senate. There are only a handful of members in the House who do not have an “R” or a “D” next to their names on the ballot.

Now, here’s the sad truth. Washington cannot be fixed. The two major parties are deeply entrenched in our government and they will never give up their power or their lives of luxury and privilege.

America has never been a ‘great’ country. Racism, bigotry, and multiple prejudices have removed any possibility of claiming that label. In addition, the United States is the most backwards facing nation in the world; money has precedence over people. While most developed nations long ago recognized the need for universal healthcare, our elected officials in one party continue to deny Americans that right. Effective governments refuse to allow the intrusion of religion into their consideration of what is right or wrong. Prejudice aimed at the LGBTQ community is rare in Europe, but remains a political issue in America. Women are the leaders in many nations all over the world, but in America we have a limited number serving in Washington. While white nationalism is growing in America, thanks to the man who is soiling the White House sheets, the color of a man or woman’s skin is not an issue in most of the free world. European nations respect the rights of women to control their own health, and their own future. Under the influence of one religion, abortion is no longer a private issue; it has become political.

Years ago friends of mine who knew me well asked why I never chose to run for political office. They knew the answer; the question was rhetorical. I have principles and strong ethics. If someone chooses to associate themselves with racists, they will eventually adopt their beliefs. If someone chooses to join a group which is part of the drug culture, they will begin using drugs themselves. I like who I am; becoming a ‘professional politician would eventually influence me to lose my principles and I would become as immoral as they are.

Winston Churchill once said: “Only a fool wrestles with a pig; they both get dirty, and the pig likes it.”


By James Turnage

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