The Problem with Arrogant Men Running Nations: Lots of Threats and no Diplomacy


While the future of the world lays in the balance, stupid men are rattling their sabers. North Korea is threatening nuclear war, and Trump and Pence are playing right into the dictator’s hands. During his campaign, Trump said: “I like war.” When asked if that included nuclear weapons, he said: “Yes. If we’ve got them why shouldn’t we use them?”

Okay, Dumbass; here’s why. Are you even aware that China, Russia, India, Pakistan, and Israel have nuclear weapons? Did you go to school? If you did, are you aware that 146,000 people were killed at Hiroshima, and 80,000 at Nagasaki? Did you know that in each instance one-half were killed immediately, and the remainder suffered agonizing deaths in the following days?

No one wins wars today; everyone loses. In the case of a nuclear war, the planet loses.

People don’t want or declare wars; governments composed of old men with lowering testosterone levels feel the need to prove their masculinity. Pacifists are patriots; war mongers are traitors to the people of their countries.

Here’s a suggestion, let’s put Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump in the middle of one of Trump’s expensive golf courses. Give each of them a long stick. The man who lives gets to grab his own crotch and proclaim victory.

War accomplishes nothing; and even the possibility of a nuclear war is simply a proof of men’s ignorance.


By James Turnage


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