Sean Spicer is no Kellyanne Conway: He’s a Mike Pence

Spicer (2)

Not a single member of Trump’s circle of sinners can find the truth. They all live on lies and misdirection. Kellyanne Conway was the best, early on, but she became unable to keep up with Trump’s lies, and began to search for new “alternative facts” on an hourly basis. Soon no one believed anything she said and became ‘persona non grata’ on multiple news broadcasts.

Enter Sean Spicer. He is not a very good liar; everything is far too obvious. Some compare him to Conway, but the truth is that he’s much more like Mike Pence. “Spicey” attempts to cover-up facts with lies and refuses to answer direct questions; he is much more like his illegitimate vice-president.

Spicey’s latest lie is a “doosie.” He claims once again that Trump will not release his tax returns because they are under an IRA audit.

“The president is under audit, it’s a routine one, it continues, and I think the American public knows clearly where he stands, this was something he made very clear during the election cycle,” Spicer said during Monday’s press briefing.

He’s lying; Trump is hiding something serious, and here’s how I know.

The policy of a presidential candidate or a president’s offering of his tax returns to the American people began with Richard Nixon. By the way, Nixon was under an IRS audit at the time. Then Nixon said: “The people have a right to know if their president’s a crook.” Ironic.

Trump has established the most secretive circle of sinners in presidential history. Trump and Tillerson refuse to answer questions about issues they either do not understand or are afraid of exposing with the truth.

Trump boasts about his unconstitutional executive orders; with the exception of one. He signed an order in secrecy which would allow states to withhold federal funds from agencies which perform abortions; a direct attack against Planned Parenthood and minority women.

Trump is a lot of things; none of them good. He is a phony, a con-man, a white nationalist, a sexual predator, and a criminal. And left unchecked, he will push us into WWIII where no one will win.


By James Turnage


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