Melania Instructs Trump Regarding Respect for America

Donald and Melania

The social media was flooded with statements denouncing Donald Trump Today. It was the beginning of the national Easter Egg Roll at the White House. As the National Anthem was played, Trump stood on the balcony looking like the simpleton he is. What he did not do was noticed by his wife; he failed to place his right hand over his heart as required by protocol. Melania nudged him and he eventually responded. Baron did not need to be reminded.

Why should Trump respect the flag representing a country he does not care about. If the flag being raised today above the White House was the vertical striped white, blue, and red of Russia, Trump would have shown his devotion.

From Elementary school until the day he or she dies every American is aware of what to do when the Pledge of Allegiance is recited, or the National Anthem is played or sung. The only person who is unaware of this is now pretending to be your president.

There is no cure for stupid.”


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of Boss Tweed

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