How Scott Pruitt has Undermined the EPA


When I read about Trump’s nominees for Attorney General, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Education, and the head of the EPA, Trump’s ignorance and lack of concern for our nation’s future was confirmed. None of these three men and one woman were qualified, and all of them would be harmful to the agencies they would lead.

The best example of these travesties is Scott Pruitt, who is intentionally destroying the EPA.

Pruitt is the former Attorney General of Oklahoma. He has been ‘in the pocket’ of big oil for years. To protect their interests and allow them to increase the most dangerous and environmentally damaging drilling operation in history, fracking, he filed multiple law suits against the very agency he now leads. Pruitt denies that climate change is caused by man’s use of fossil fuels.

Two of his most damaging actions occurred just last week.

The sale and use of ammunition containing lead was forbidden thanks to President Obama’s concern for wildlife. When shooters kill small animals with lead bullets, such as squirrels, hawks and eagles often feed on the dead carcasses, and eventually die from lead poisoning. Pruitt revoked the rule. Why?

Pruitt will allow the use of a pesticide by the name of chlorpyrifos. Banned from indoor use 15 years ago, it is used outdoors to kill crop infestation from insects. Studies revealed that the pesticide was not easily removed from fruits and vegetables, and the Obama Administration had plans to ban all use of the chemical. Chlorpyrifos has been known to cause brain damage in small children. Pruitt and his cronies claim that there is not sufficient proof to remove its use.

My question is logical, and of course Pruitt, Trump, and others in this debacle in Washington will ignore the truth, ‘why use it if even a slight possibility that it will harm children exists?’

The EPA will no longer be a functioning organization within a year. It began under a Republican President, Richard Nixon, and will die under the fascist rule of the worst Republican president in history.


By James Turnage


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