How Trump’s “Make America White Again” Beliefs Ignore the Essence of the United States


We have a country where, to assimilate, you have to speak English. … This is a country where we speak English, not Spanish.” Donald Trump

First of all, let’s be honest; Trump does not speak English. “Bigly” and other ‘Trumpisms’ are not in Miriam Webster’s dictionary. But that’s for a more humorous article and a later date.

Trump has proven himself to be a white nationalist and a bigot. This is your illegitimate president. He is not an American and therefore unfit to live in our nation’s most treasured residence.

America would not exist without immigrants. Most of the advancements made throughout our nearly 241 years would not have happened without the participation of men and women who came from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and Mexico. Trump’s original family name was ‘Drumpf,’ immigrating from Germany.

White supremacists fail to recognize the customs and traditions of men and women whose roots exist in nations which are predominately non-white. Trump’s suggestion that English should be our only language is ludicrous. But I must consider the fact that he is poorly educated, and is not aware that the language he ‘butchers’ daily is a culmination of other languages, and is not in itself ‘original.’

Alex Espinoza is the director of the graduate creative writing and literary arts program at Cal State Los Angeles. His parents brought him to the United States when he was two-years old. He is now 45. He fails to understand Trump’s twisted belief that everyone must look and sound alike to be American.

“Even if I started right now speaking in a Southern drawl and listening to country music, I’m still going to be Mexican,” he said. “My skin is still going to be a certain shade. Assimilation is not this thing where it’s like, OK, I’m one of you.”

Intelligent Americans are aware that diversity is of great value to our nation. We are unique in the world, and we have an opportunity to learn from each other, and benefit from the experience. Sadly, not all white Americans believe in these facts.

“We at least have absorbed and believe this national narrative that we are a nation of immigrants,” said Bruce Stokes, director of global economic attitudes at Pew. “But … it’s not so easy once you get into some of the details of diversity. People are saying, ‘This is good for the country, but it’s not good for me,’ and that ‘Diversity is good, but I actually I don’t like the fact that someone speaks Spanish in the store I go to.'”

Non-whites and non-Christians are living in fear today. No one knows what anti-American and unconstitutional actions Trump will choose to take next.

Millions of ignorant voters failed to recognize the slogan on Trump’s red hats for what it truly stated. Hopefully, with Trump’s selection of like-mined men for his circle of sinners, they have learned the truth. Trump wants to ‘Make America White Again.’


By James Turnage


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