Why the Republican Party Continues to Fail the American People

the Turtle

Profit Before People” has been the Republican Party’s motto for 20 years. In January of 2009, it changed its name to ‘the party of no.’ For eight years of the Barrack Obama Administration, GOP politicians failed to accomplish a single positive goal in Washington. With Trump as their illegitimate president, this failure continues today.

The truth is that they don’t know how to govern effectively. Led by incompetent men such as Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, a once respected party has moved away from public service, and has become an exclusive agent of the wealthy.

What Republicans have done in more than eight years is to destroy many of the advances made by their predecessors, both Republican and Democrat.

Trump has placed the most unqualified and prejudiced men and women in America in positions to cause enormous, or “huuge,” harm to America and the world. Hypocrites such as Ryan and McConnell are bowing to the demands of his circle of sinners.

McConnell declared that his party would do nothing with one exception, just after the inauguration of President Obama in January of 2009; his party would do everything in its power to make the President a one-term leader. His first of many failures to come.

Myself included, I once hoped that Paul Ryan would move the GOP back to the center and once again deliberate and compromise; returning the House to a functioning body. I was mistaken. He is the worst of the lot.

Ryan demonstrated his inability to govern just recently.

Trump ordered the hypocrite to rush through a replacement for Obamacare. It would have eliminated healthcare for more than 24 million Americans; harmed our older population, and eliminated many conditions now covered by the ACA. Trumpcare was not moved to the floor of the House for a vote; it was the biggest failure to date by Republicans who voted in the House over 60 times to repeal Obamacare.

We can remove this arrogant and destructive party from power. They are learning the outrage of the American people is real as protests and angry voters display their displeasure at town hall meetings and at the offices of Republican politicians.

Trump is not an ‘American President.’ He believes that our nation belongs only the the privileged few. His circle of sinners will soon eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency, Public Education, and the first amendment; if we let them.

Not only must the American people continue to rage at GOP politicians, we must inform them that if they continue to support Trump and place profit before people, they will lose our votes; that’s the only thing they understand.

Let’s return to a nation which placed its people before profit.


By James Turnage


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