Why it’s Patriotic to Be a Pacifist


Men love wars. They get to use all the toys created by other men to kill and maim other men. Donald Trump ran on an anti-war platform, but now that he opted to use devices which go ‘boom,’ the senile old man cannot wait to use them again.

Throughout history men have made rash decisions to attack their enemies with force. Nothing good has ever been accomplished. “War, what is it good for; absolutely nothin.” That line from a song is as apropos today as it was in the 1960’s.

As I graduated high school, President Lyndon Baines Johnson began an escalation of the situation in South Vietnam. Not a single man or woman my age understood the purpose. Why wage a war on the other side of the world? Our nation was not under attack from the only enemy which frightened us, the Soviet Union.

In 1975 our military was forced to exit Vietnam with its tail between its legs. Nothing was accomplished. 58,220 Americans lost their lives because the men in our government lacked the intelligence and ability to seek other solutions than the use of their toys.

In 2001 America was attacked on our own soil by religious extremists. Even those of us who abhor violence and are opposed to the death penalty wanted the organizers punished. However, the invasion of Afghanistan was fool hardy. The intelligence community was aware of the location of Osama bin Laden. Instead of planning an attack against the architect of 9/11, another president and an ignorant congress deployed their toys thousands of miles away from our shores. We remain in Afghanistan today.

The death of Osama bin Laden occurred on May 2, 2011. A small force of well prepared Navy Seals attacked his compound in Pakistan and ended his reign of terror. There was no war.

In 2003, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were so eager to use their toys again that they made up stories about the leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, and attacked the sovereign nation on March 20. It did not officially end until December of 2011.

This rash and illegal decision by another fool hardy man accomplished nothing. However, it did cause great harm to the people of Iraq and cost the American people trillions of dollars. 4,491 of our finest young men and women lost their lives.

An American president destabilized the Middle East. The result has been horrific. Iran began to increase its plan to build nuclear weapons. Bashar al-Assad waged a war on his own people in Syria. Another terrorist group was created which called itself the ‘Islamic State,’ or ISIS. War; what is it good for?

Today you have an illegitimate president who told us during his campaign that Hillary Clinton would take us to WWIII, and that he would not go to war against our enemies. Anyone who knew the truth was aware of just the opposite possibility. Hillary Clinton is a diplomat who would only go to war as a last resort; Trump has no knowledge regarding foreign relations. His method of ‘diplomacy’ is to bully his adversaries. This doesn’t work in international relations.

He has already bombed two nations without the approval of congress. He has a fleet of ships off of the coast of North Korea which carry nuclear weapons. This ignorant, senile, dirty old man is the greatest danger to world peace since the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

I was hoping for a woman president in 2016. The old, white men in our government never consider the effects of military action; they will never see a battlefield. Women are much wiser and consider the long-term ramifications of violent action. Women adopt a support of pacifism first, and seek alternative solutions to conflicts between adversaries.

Pacifism is patriotic. Pacifism places people ahead of ideologies. Pacifists ignore a war of words and accusations and consider the deadly ramifications of an armed conflict between nations.

America has not won a war since WWII; and we never will again. Today’s ‘wars’ include people all over the world and is not fought on the battlefield, they are fought on the streets of our cities. And they are fought in the minds of those who fail to understand that we are all the same, and our goals are uniform.

It is right for those in our government to be pacifists first; to be doves and not hawks.

Trump is a danger to our democracy, and a danger to the future of the world. His ignorant supporters gave us the worst president in history.

A final question; is support of white supremacy worth the possible loss of hundreds of thousands of lives resulting from a nuclear holocaust?

Fire the Fool”


By James Turnage

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