Even Trump’s Circle of Sinners Find Kellyanne Conway Idiotic

Conway 2

Kellyanne Conway must be hiding in the Oval Office with her feet up on the couch; we haven’t heard much from her recently. I don’t miss her, but I miss the laughs at her expense. Sean Spicer is now ‘taking the heat’ for Trump’s lies and failure to act presidential. After her most recent nonsense when she claimed that the government could spy on anyone through their microwave oven, she hasn’t appeared in front of a real television network. She was seen on FOX Noise, but that’s not a real network; it’s a propaganda machine.

Conway is not receiving much support from Trump’s circle of sinners. Part of the situation is that Trump, his spawn, and his son-in-law are now running the White House, and she appears to be left on the outside.

One Trump appointee who did have a little fun at her expense is CIA Director, Mike Pompeo. Recently, he spoke about the CIA and how professional they are.

“They quietly go about their work and try not to get too worked up over the headlines, including the fanciful notion that they spy on their fellow citizens via microwave ovens.”

Sadly, Conway does not possess the common sense which would have saved her from extensive ridicule. I’m sure that she did not believe that billionaire Robert Mercer actually placed her into Trump’s team as a real ‘campaign manager.’ Her only purpose was as a spin doctor and deflect questions about Trump’s constant lies.

If only for a moment ‘Kellyanne’s back!’


By James Turnage


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