How One Trump Supporter Feels About Ivanka and Jared

Trump and Spawn

I certainly didn’t vote for the foreign policy preferences of Jared and Ivanka, or a policy driven by whatever images on TV happened to move the president. The Syrian strike and the administration’s words to justify it significantly weaken the case for believing Trump will actually improve things.”

These are the words of Scott McConnell, the founder of ‘American Conservative.’ Mr. McConnell voted for Trump because of his ‘America First’ claim, and his anti-war stance. He is straining to support Trump’s failed policies.

Many of our interventions have had terrible results. We don’t win wars any more; we have increasingly pressing problems at home—evident in such measures as shocking decline in the life spans of working class Americans.”

He’s not wrong. American graduates from West Point are not versed in the type of guerrilla warfare occurring today. Beginning with the Korean Conflict until today, America’s military has not won a single war. We have lost thousands of our finest men and women and trillions of dollars without securing a positive and lasting solution.

Mr. McConnell is also correct stating that Trump has not addressed a single domestic issue. His only ‘effort’ was an attempt to remove healthcare for 24 million Americans.

Trump has no interest in the betterment of the working class; the rich take care of their own. The party of the rich is creating a plutocracy, and a plutocracy cannot exist without a fascist government.

How low can Trump’s approval rating fall? He is nearing that of congress today.

Trump is undeserving of our support. A leader must earn respect, and Trump has failed miserably.

We can remove him; take your country back and give Trump an eviction notice.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Disney/ABC Television Group

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