Helter Skelter in Trump’s Government


Under Trump every agency appears to be making its own decisions. No one is communicating with anyone else. Trump apparently had no knowledge about the Pentagon’s decision to attack Afghanistan with the largest non-nuclear bomb in America’s arsenal. Meanwhile, Trump himself is either watching television, golfing, or partying in Mar-a-Lago at taxpayer’s expense.

Trump has abandoned control of the military; we do not have a ‘Commander-in-Chief’ today. The military exists for a singular reason; to fight wars. The Pentagon loves war; it gives them an opportunity to ‘play with their expensive toys.’ The attack on ISIS in Afghanistan was a military operation, and both Trump and the generals stated that Trump was unaware that the use of their biggest and most expensive toy was being planned.

So, what was accomplished? Nothing, apparently. There is no way to know if even a single ISIS fighter was killed. But it did cost the American people.

Developing the 30 foot long MOAB, which weighs 22,000 pounds, cost American taxpayers $314 million. Each bomb costs $16 million. So, did our military just throw away another $330 million? We know that the Pentagon has the ability to throw away money faster than a ‘sailor on leave.’

The Trump administration is experiencing ‘helter skelter.’ Not only do they not know what they are doing, the infighting is abominable. Immediately after the very small inauguration of Trump, reports of fighting between chief of staff Reince Priebus, and chief strategist and leader of the Washington white nationalist movement, Steve Bannon, surfaced. Statements from Trump’s circle of sinners frequently conflict with each other. With the intrusion of an immature young man, who is unable to fill a single page of a work resume, the White House is running amok. Jared Kushner is not qualified to lead a boy scout troop, but he is now in control of virtually every department in the White House.

After less than 90 days it is obvious that Trump is not interested in being the president. Instead of working for the American people, a promise he made to his supporters, Trump is living a life of luxury at taxpayer expense. He is no longer in Washington for a minimum of five days a week. This week he left for Mar-a-Lago on Thursday.

If you elected Trump, I hope you are pleased that your tax dollars are used by one man and his spawn to live in a manner comparable to a sultan or a sheik.

Think back to just a few months ago. America had a president who was intelligent, a hard worker, and cared about the future of our nation. We could have elected a brilliant woman, who was the most qualified candidate in history to continue his efforts. Sadly, millions of ignorant and uninformed voters gave us the greatest disaster ever to happen in America’s 240 year history.

I will forever reject this immoral man who lives a life of depravity while pretending to be the leader of a once respected nation. All members of the Republican Party are complicit in the debauchery. Throw them out.


By James Turnage


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