Betsy DeVos Proves that She too is a White Supremacist


Men and women should be judged by their actions and not by their words. Trump has proven this; we know that every word coming out of his mouth is a lie. He is also a white nationalist, a sexual predator, and a criminal. The members of his circle of sinners share Trump’s lack of morality and his vile political views.

Betsy DeVos has proven herself to be another deplorable selection by Trump. As Secretary of Education, she is attempting to eliminate public education and establish a voucher system. This is a direct attack against minority children in our inner city schools.

She has proven that she, too, is a white supremacist, which helps us to understand why Trump selected a billionaire with no experience for his cabinet.

DeVos selected Candace Jackson to head the Department of Education’s controversial Office for Civil Rights. Ms. Jackson once complained that she had received discrimination because she was white.

Jackson is a “longtime anti-Clinton activist and an outspoken conservative-turned-libertarian, she has denounced feminism and race-based preferences. She’s also written favorably about, and helped edit a book by, an economist who decried both compulsory education and the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964,” according to ‘ProPublica.’

The entire Trump administration is a white group of mostly men who are filled with hatred; and they want to spread that hatred to the rest of America.

I predict that in just a few more months Trump’s approval rating will be in the ‘teens.’


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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