Republicans Deadly War on Low-Income and Poor Women Escalates


If you ever doubted that the entire Republican Party is racist and bigoted, a single pen stroke by your illegitimate president today removes all uncertainty.

Although the first amendment forbids a single religion favoritism over all others, Republicans and governors in red states support the Christian religious right and bow to its anti-American and murderous beliefs.

Historically Christianity is the most violent and the largest violator of human rights. Today Christian terrorist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, The Army of God, Eastern Lightning, a.k.a. the Church of the Almighty God, The Lord’s Resistance Army, The National Liberation Front of Tripura, The Phineas Priesthood, and The Concerned Christians continue to commit crimes against humanity not unlike Al Qaeda or ISIS. The only difference is that the media conveniently ignores their atrocities, and their very existence.

Today Trump escalated his party’s murderous war on women. He signed a bill which allows states to refuse the use of federal funding for any agency which performs abortions. This is an attack directly aimed at Planned Parenthood, and will remove healthcare from tens of thousands of low-income and impoverished women across the nation. Like Trumpcare, this bill will harm those who need assistance most. The GOP has become a party of serial killers.

How long are the American people going to allow Constitutional violations by a single party which supports white supremacy, invasion of privacy, and believes in different treatment under the law for the haves and have-nots? Republicans continue to violate the first, fourth and fourteenth amendments. But don’t touch the second, amendment; they don’t want to upset a lobby which donates millions of dollars a year to the campaigns of GOP politicians.

I believe that Trump is the most evil man in the world. He is too cowardly to openly express his prejudices and his support of the wealthy. Yes, I said in the world because he is covert, unlike his adopted brother Vladimir Putin, and his little brother, Kim Jong-un.

The time is today to remove Trump; he has plans to destroy my America. He and his Republican cronies have a single god; money. We don’t want them, and we don’t need them.


By James Turnage

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