Is the Death of a Female Muslim Judge another Example of the Trump Effect?


Trump’s rallies were infamous for their lies and white nationalist theme. But the most egregious acts involved Trump’s encouragement of anger, hatred, and violence. “Hit him in the face” and other directions from Trump changed America. Out of the shadows came bigots and racists who now had a leader.

Since Trump’s illegitimate election, 41.7 percent of all hate crimes are directly attributable to Trump’s incitement of hatred and violence. This fact is another example of the ‘Trump effect.’

The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that 867 hate crimes against Muslims, Jews, blacks, and Hispanics, have occurred in the first three months of Trump’s illegitimate presidency.

Wednesday afternoon, the body of Sheila Abdus-Salaam was discovered floating in the Hudson River; near Manhattan. Ms. Abdus-Salaam was an associate judge of the Court of Appeals. She was black, and a Muslim.

She was reported missing earlier in the day. There are no signs of physical violence and the police continue to investigate her demise. Ms. Abdus-Salaam was 65-years-old.

Was this another hate crime? We won’t know the answer until the investigation is completed, and the cause of death announced to the public.

Is Trump responsible for the dark changes in America; and can they be reversed? The answer is sadly, ‘yes,’ and ‘probably not.’

Hate is a disease. It’s opposite, ‘love,’ is the only cure, and these individuals whose vile beliefs and emotions are now accepted by the media, Trump, and Republican politicians, are terminally ill. Their minds are a cesspool of dark and destructive emotion.

Trump has declared a war on the majority of America. His budget cuts and executive orders are focused on low-income, and impoverished Americans; most of whom are minorities.

Are you willing to live in Trump’s America? Do you support racism and bigotry? Will you choose ignorance over intelligence? Is accepting the destruction of advances made for the majority in the past 60 years your idea of a ‘new’ America?

We are the United States of America. The government must work for us. When it does not, we must heed the words of one of our greatest presidents.

This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.” Abraham Lincoln

We can change our nation for the better. Let’s make history in November of 2018. All 435 members of the House and 34 Senators are up for reelection. Refuse to vote for those who support Trump; all Republicans. A 100 percent voter turnout has never happened in America; there’s a first for everything; decide to be a part of it.


By James Turnage

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