Trump Breaks Another Promise as he Runs the White House from a Golf Course

Trump (3)

This weekend Trump will once again not be in the White House. He will be spending millions of taxpayer dollars on his seventh play date at Mar-a-Lago. Each of these unnecessary excursions costs more than three million dollars. These trips alone have cost the American people more than $21 million.

Trump has been on a golf course 17 of his first 90 days. Each round of golf costs taxpayers nearly one-million dollars.

Melania Trump obviously does not wish to sleep in the White House with her husband. Each day she remains in Trump Tower results in one-million wasted taxpayer dollars.

When Trump’s spawn travels for business or pleasure, the secret service must accompany them; the cost has not been revealed.

Trump said in his campaign; ‘all Obama does is golf. If I was in the White House I would not have time to golf; I would never leave. I’d be making deals.’

The city of Palm Beach is angry with Trump. Each day he spends at Mar-a-Lago costs the city more than $60,000; more than $2,000,000 since his inauguration. Businesses and residents of Palm Beach are angry because of lost revenue and extreme inconvenience.

When Trump is occasionally in the White House, we know that he watches FOX Noise, listens to Alex Jones, and reads Breitbart.

The presidency is a game for Trump at your expense.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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