The End of The Environmental Protection Agency


Trump has surrendered to the oil companies and large manufacturing companies. That’s not a surprise, but it is an act against the future of our planet, and an act against nature itself.

No living thing can exist without food, water, and air to breathe.

On December 2, 1970, Republican President Richard M. Nixon signed the order which created the Environmental Protection Agency. In January of 2017, Republican President Donald Trump began the destruction of the EPA.

Scott Pruitt was Trump’s nominee to lead the EPA. Was he the most qualified candidate? Was Pruitt a lifetime supporter of environmental protection himself? Just the opposite.

Pruitt is the former Attorney General for the state of Oklahoma. His office was linked to big oil. Pruitt supported the repeal of all regulations requiring oil companies to protect the water, air, and land. He supported unlimited fracking. Before this action, Oklahoma almost never experienced seismic activity. In 2016 there were more than 5,000 earthquakes; the largest over a magnitude of five. Most importantly, Pruitt filed multiple lawsuits against the EPA’s regulations. Today he is the director of the EPA. It’s true; I wouldn’t make up this s**t up.

His goal is to dismantle the agency, or at the very least weaken it so badly that it will be 100 percent ineffective.

In March, Trump released a draft federal spending budget requesting $2.3 billion in cuts to the EPA. Under Trump’s budget, climate change research would be obliterated, funding for the clean up of hazardous sites would be slashed by 45 percent, environmental justice programs would be phased out, and a projected 3,200 jobs would be eliminated.

As you might expect, Pruitt has received multiple threats from real Americans. Because of this fact, additional funds will be allocated to the EPA. Pruitt has requested twenty-four hour security.

There’s a pattern developing here. When Trump travels, he requires extra secret service protection. When his spawn traveled to Aspen, it was reported that 100 secret service agents accompanied them. Betsy DeVos’ plans to destroy our public school system have resulted in the need for protection by U.S. Marshals around the clock. Pruitt is the latest to face the fact that he is in danger because he is doing the bidding of the most hated man in America.

Within his first year Trump will have accomplished more destruction to our nation than all the natural disasters combined in the last 50 years.

Millions of uninformed and therefore ignorant men and women who call themselves Americans gave us this disaster. Let’s send him back to his golden tower; sorry, Melania. We know that you married him for his money, but you must take the bad with the good. This 70-year-old, fat, dirty old man is your problem; he shouldn’t be ours.


By JamesTurnage


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