The White House is now a ‘Family Affair’


More than any other person in the world, Ivanka Trump knows everything about her father; the good, the bad, and the ugly; mostly ugly. She understands his enormous ego, his resulting weak temperament, his criminal actions relating to his business interests, his philandering, and his actions as a sexual predator. Of course she denies everything; she certainly does not want to be ostracized by Double Dealing Donnie and lose her life of luxury and privilege. That said, why is she in the West Wing? She knows absolutely nothing about government or governing. Ivanka is nothing more than a New York socialite.

Today younger brother Eric may have shed some light about her function in the White House.

“Ivanka is by his side in Washington. She is not involved in everything. I think she comes and goes with issues she deeply cares about but when you get to a certain level of power a lot of times, and you see this in business too, a lot of times people will say yes just because you happen to be the boss….

…I think it gives you a sounding board who is a little bit more unconventional than the 37 people that might happen to be standing round a table at that one time who just want to appease.”

Am I wrong, or does this sound like he only listens to Ivanka; that he only trusts Ivanka? We have all learned that Trump’s level of intelligence is below par for a man or woman in his position, but is he in dire need of constant praise and acceptance from his daughter?

Trump’s supporters should be upset; they did not elect Ivanka, or JaredKushner. Every day we learn more about the function of his son-in-law’s purpose, and now we understand Ivanka’s intrusion into our nation’s government.

To this day Trump has failed to meet with a single Democrat to discuss the issues. He only held meetings with Republican leadership prior to his inauguration and during the fiasco of ‘Trumpcare.’

We know that Trump gets his “information” from fake-news; FOX Noise, ‘InfoWars’ by Alex Jones, and Breitbart. Are Jared and Ivanka the only two advisers he actually chooses to trust?

The media calls Trump’s illegitimate presidency ‘unusual;’ I believe that it is sad and dangerous. Truly, ‘the inmates are running the asylum.’

Please re-post; thank you. The American people have a right to know the truth.


By James Turnage


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