Maybe Your Are in Denial About the Bannon White House: Why?


For me and millions of other Americans who strongly support the Constitution, and are fiercely loyal to the nation of our founding fathers, when Trump’s first selection for his White House staff was Steve Bannon as his chief strategist, red flags filled my screen. The former executive director of ‘Breitbart’ had been positioned to control the Trump administration. The first 80 days of Trump’s illegitimate presidency have proven that the ambitions of ‘Breitbart’ have become White House policy.

Let’s back up just a bit and look at the last months of the 2016 Trump campaign.

Trump’s campaign was failing after he was exposed as a sexist and a man without a moral compass. In the past, any presidential candidate who was a confirmed philanderer lost any possibility to win the election. Even members of his own party including the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, and Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, announced that they could not support such a vile and degenerative man. Of course, in true Republican style, today they are bowing to his every demand.

Billionaire Robert Mercer paid for Ted Cruz’ campaign. When Cruz was crushed by Trump in the primaries and forced back into his rat hole, Mercer moved into Trump’s camp. Along with his money came pollster Kellyanne Conway, and strategist Steve Bannon. Conway was immediately placed into the position of ‘campaign manager;’ a position for which she lacked any qualification. We later learned that her purpose was to spin the multiple lies told by Trump during his rallies and interviews.

Bannon became Trump’s campaign CEO. His true purpose was unknown. What we did learn is that Mercer is a primary supporter of Breitbart, and it was he who brought Bannon into the political arena. By simple association, the truth was obvious to everyone with the exception of the mainstream media, primarily the television “news” broadcasts; Mercer, Bannon, and Trump were white nationalists, more accurately labeled ‘white supremacists.’ Trump’s previous racist remarks revealed a far deeper level of bigotry and hatred than previously believed.

Bannon is a member of ‘Alt-Right,’ a group which openly supports white nationalism. During his tenure as executive director of Breitbart, Bannon wrote or approved articles which attacked women, Hispanics, African Americans, Muslims, and members of the LGBT community.

Today there is a power struggle in the White House. Bannon is at odds with Trump’s 36-year-old son-in-law Jared Kushner. When Bannon was given a seat on the National Security Council, more red flags appeared. When he was recently removed, patriotic Americans found hope that Bannon may be on his way out of Trump’s circle of sinners. I’m sorry to dash your hopes, but you are forgetting Robert Mercer. As long as Mercer is involved in the Trump White House, Bannon will remain in control.

When Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was nominated as Trump’s Attorney General, additional proof was offered regarding Trump’s support of white supremacy. Sessions has a long history of racism; remember, he is from Alabama.

Yesterday it was revealed that an individual who was fired from the Bush administration based on his blatant homophobia, has become a member of Trump’s circle of sinners.

James Renne was given a major role in the Department of Agriculture with ‘unspecified responsibilities.’ In the Bush administration Renne was given a task dedicated to protecting whistleblowers launched a campaign against their own employees based on suspected sexual orientation ,” according to an inspector general report.

Finally a fact ignored by the media, but of great interest to all real Americans.

During the campaign, and after he had moved his support to Donald Trump, Robert Mercer’s yacht was observed anchored next to the yacht of a Russian oligarch who is extremely close to Vladimir Putin. Also during the campaign, this oligarch’s private aircraft was twice seen on the tarmac next to or near Trump’s 757 where he was holding a rally.

Very interesting.

Please re-post, and take back your country. Only the people can preserve the Constitution.


By James Turnage


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