Brainwashed American Voters Gave Us Donald Trump


In 2016 the American people began a second revolution. Several groups displayed their displeasure with the status quo in Washington. All of them were right about the failure of our elected officials to represent the needs and wishes of the American people. The American people displayed their anger, and this anger was based on a reality which continues today; those individuals they elected failed in their duty to represent the people. Politics had become the focus of the Representatives and Senators who received the votes of Americans whose hopes were ignored. Sadly, millions of Americans focused their displeasure in the wrong direction based on lies and a lack of information.

This situation did not begin in 2015, or 2016, it began long ago when certain individuals, and one fake-news network formed a long range plan to dominate the beliefs of the people of the United States of America.

In 1987, the FCC repealed the ‘Fairness Doctrine,’ which required equal time for both sides of a political issue on radio broadcasts. On August 1, 1988, Rush Limbaugh began his divisive broadcast. He not only supported the extreme right wing of the GOP, he attacked Democrats as communists and socialists who would destroy America. The truth was of little concern as his brainwashing techniques resulted in a growing audience who accepted his vile rhetoric. Limbaugh began to add the defamation of African Americans, Hispanics, women, the LGBTQ community, and Muslims to his list of American evils.

In 1996 billionaire newspaper magnate and supporter of extremist right wing politics, Rupert Murdoch, created FOX Noise. He lured Roger Ailes to become the President of the news division. It was obvious from day one that this fake news network was a thinly disguised propaganda machine for the GOP. Every story was slanted towards the right wing. Truth was never the priority as Ailes placed ratings in priority status. The network hired fake-journalists who offered opinions instead of facts. The result produced the number one rated cable fake news network.

Throughout history no American propaganda machine has been as effective as FOX. This fake-news network succeeded in dividing the American people. Its lies and misdirection can receive much of the credit of the election of George W. Bush, who proved to be the worst president in American history until today. It is also responsible for the negative depiction of Hillary Clinton, and the fallacious praise of Donald Trump.

The tactics of Limbaugh, FOX, and other right wing extremist organizations demonized informed and loyal Americans who supported the truth. These efforts to brainwash uninformed Americans, which began in 1987, were rewarded on November 8th, 2016. The least qualified and most immoral man in the United States was gifted the presidency by the Electoral College.

In less than three months, Trump and his circle of sinners have begun an attack on democracy and the very fabric of America. Limbaugh and FOX Noise can be credited with their assist in the destruction of the nation of our founding fathers.

As a man in his 70’s I can attest to the fact that if you have not lived in America as long as I have, you cannot remember when the Republican Party was respected. You would be unable to believe that the GOP was once a principled and moral organization which fought for individual rights and a less restrictive government. The Republican Party of the past would have refused dominance by lobbies such as the NRA and the Christian religious right.

Although it’s hard to believe today, but Republicans once represented the people and not special interests; I’m not making this up.

Today the GOP has adopted a policy of lying to their constituents so frequently that the voting public will continue to blindly support them.

According to the bible, god gave us free will. We have the ability to think and make decisions based on fact and not conjecture. If you believe that this is true, you cannot vote for today’s Republicans in name only.

Take back your country. Donald Trump is not the core of the problem. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and every Republican who supports Trump is a traitor to the America I have loved for seven decades.

Join the revolution; get the vote out for the midterms in 2018 and remove Republicans from power. Take your country back.

Please re-post and make ‘take your country back’ a national slogan forever.


By James Turnage

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