Another Fallacious Headline


The headline of a Washington Post article reads: Tillerson brings tough line to Moscow over Russia’s backing for Syrian regime .” Really?

The article was written by Carol Morello and David Filipov. Are they unaware or are they ignoring the close personal and business relationship between Vladimir Putin and Tillerson? The ‘attack’ on a Syrian airfield was an effort between Trump and Putin to distract the collusion between the two men during and after the election.

False reports from Trump’s circle of sinners claim that Assad’s military suffered ‘huge’ damage from the 59 Tomahawk missiles launched from an American naval vessel. The truth is that minimal damage occurred, and aircraft were taking off and landing on that same airfield the next day. Assad launched more bombing raids against the same area where chemical weapons were previously used, killing 18 more men, women, and children.

The American people are being ‘played.’ Trump will never take serious actions which would damage his close relationship with Putin.

Only in America is the “Golden Showers Dossier” contested. The lurid sex acts described are of little importance. What is extremely serious is proof that Trump met with several oligarchs to advise them how their vast fortunes could be laundered in the United States. This is a federal offense, punishable by fines and imprisonment. These facts cannot be hidden from the American people forever.

For Tillerson, this is a ‘trip home.’ He was awarded the highest honor a non-Russian can receive, and will share some time and probably meals with his adopted brother. Past photographs of Tillerson and Putin reveal that he appears far more comfortable in Russia than when he is forced to face the American press.

Just another poor decision by Donald Trump.

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By James Turnage


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