Trump Will Spend More Taxpayer Dollars in 10 Months than Obama did in Eight Years.


On January 20th Donald Trump began a four year vacation and you and I are paying for it. We know that he does nothing in Washington but sit on a couch watching FOX Noise, listening to Alex Jones, and reading Breitbart; (at least part of their articles; he hates to read.) On the weekends, or whenever he is inclined, he travels to Mar-a-Lago or plays a round of golf at one of his luxury resorts. It is estimated that in his first 10 weeks Trump has spent $24 million of taxpayer money to party. Add into that the cost of secret service protection for his spawn on business trips and vacations, and the estimated cost of one-million dollars a day allowing Melania to remain in Trump Tower, avoiding contact with the dirty, old man, and the millions grow astronomically.

In eight years President Obama spent an estimated $97 million; Trump will surpass that in just 10 months.

To pay for his lavish lifestyle, Trump will eliminate the EPA, cut funding for social programs desperately needed by low-income and impoverished Americans, and remove funding from Planned Parenthood. With these actions, he will be able to maintain his life of partying at our expense, and unnecessarily raise the Pentagon’s already bloated budget.

Trump claims that he knows how to create jobs and make money. All we know for sure is that he knows how to spend it for himself.

Does anyone remember that Trump promised during his campaign that he ‘would be too busy working to play golf?’ 15 rounds so far.

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By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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