Republicans Have a Bigger Problem than Donald Trump


Although you’ll never hear them admit it, Republicans have been given two black eyes and a bloody nose by Donald Trump. When they decided to become hypocrites and turn their backs on the American people in support of Double Dealing Donnie, they attached their future to the worst president in history. Trump’s approval rating is dropping to a level nearly as low as that of the Republican-led congress. At 34 percent, his is the lowest in American history.

You don’t need to be a ‘Washington insider’ to know that Trump’s circle of sinners is in disarray. No one communicates with each other; possibly because they don’t like each other. I have no doubt that with the inclusion of family members into the mix Trump has offended many in his advisory staff.

The GOP has bigger problems. By supporting Trump, they have enraged voters who have long supported the party, even when they knew they were voting for candidates who were unqualified.

Scott Pruitt has begun efforts to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency. Betsy DeVos is preparing to eliminate public education and force our nation’s children to attend the worst schools in our nation, run by religious extremists. (I know this as a fact; I was forced to attend Catholic school until the eleventh grade). Tom Price will continue to attack Obamacare, and will therefore work towards its failure instead of improving the existing healthcare plan. Rex Tillerson knows nothing about our government and is expected to be our nation’s foremost diplomat. Steve Mnuchin will allow Wall Street to once again operate without the oversight of a regulatory agency. Jeff Sessions has announced that he will renew the ‘war on drugs,’ which is a cover-up for a renewed attack on African Americans. Wilbur Ross, who ran the Bank of Cyprus for Putin, will be the force which increases income inequality. I have nothing to say about Ben Carson, except that he knows nothing about low-income and impoverished Americans who struggle daily in our inner cities. Lastly there is Rick Perry. He barely graduated from one of our worst major universities; his only claim to fame as the Governor of Texas is that he executed more inmates than George W. Bush. How will he know where our nuclear arsenal is located?

These are the men, and one billionaire woman, who will destroy America for the majority. This circle of sinners will encourage larger and larger protests as time progresses.

The White House is a mess; and it’s Trump’s fault. He selected a group mostly composed of old, white men, who have no expertise; no experience in government. However, because of their past abilities to control their corporations, etc., they are certainly opinionated and will disagree with anyone who fails to see things their way.

The worst choices of all are Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. These two people are rich, spoiled, New York socialites; and nothing else. Kushner presents a danger greater than Trump’s cabinet. He has a blank work resume, and lacks the knowledge and experience he desperately needs to multitask in the manner Trump expects.

Trump lacks many things; morality, experience, qualifications, a controlled temperament, and the ability to trust anyone. But what he is most lacking is sufficient intellect to lead our nation and the world.

The Republican Party is very worried that the 2018 midterms will experience a record voter turnout. Let’s give them millions of reasons to be concerned and vote them all out of their lives of privilege and luxury.

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By James Turnage


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