Don’t Fall for Ivanka’s Fake Compassion


There is a story coming from Trump supporters that the attack on a Syrian air base was the result of Trump witnessing his daughter’s distress watching reports that children were murdered by Bashar al-Assad with the use of chemical weapons. Don’t believe Ivanka’s feigned compassion.

Ivanka Trump is a hypocrite. She supports her father’s efforts to prevent families from war-torn Syria from entering the United States, even after 24 months of vetting. Ivanka is aware of all her father’s sins, including the fact that he is a philanderer and a sexual predator; she chooses to ignore the facts.

This attack was political. It caused little damage; aircraft were taking off and landing the very next day. This was another smokescreen to distract the American people from Trump’s collusion with Russia during the campaign. And Vladimir Putin is cooperating. He has vehemently denounced the minimalist attack. Trump informed Putin of the operation before the Tomahawk missiles were launched, and there were no human casualities.

Trump’s action was expensive for America. He ordered the attack while wasting taxpayer money on another golf trip. In addition, each Tomahawk Cruise missile cost 1.4 million dollars, for a total of over $82 million.

I hope that the American people are not gullible enough to believe that the Trump family is concerned with America or the lives of any human beings around the world. They are a rich, spoiled group who lack all ability to relate to families around the world who struggle for survival on a daily basis.

This unforgivable attack by Assad is horrific. The loss of 70 lives is extremely sad, and their demise in such a painful fashion is criminal. However, in 2013 when Assad murdered over 1,400 men, women, and children with the use of chemical warfare, and President Obama readied a military response, both Trump and Republicans in congress denounced his plan.

Those who lie constantly rely on the masses forgetting the past; forgetting the truth. Trump and his spawn are responsible for his ‘bag of deplorables.’ The sooner they are no more than a bad memory, the better for the American people.


By James Turnage


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