Why Mitch McConnell Feared a Non-Political Supreme Court

McConnell (3)

Mitch McConnell made multiple excuses for refusing to hold hearings for President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland; none of them had any credence. McConnell feared that without the right wing extremist, Antonin Scalia, or his clone on the court, decisions may have been based more on the Constitution than on political motivation.

Before Scalia’s demise, four of the justices leaned to the right. Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Chief Justice John Roberts were appointed by Republican presidents. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, and Stephen Breyer were appointed by Democrats. Justice Anthony Kennedy is considered an independent. However, Kennedy was appointed by Ronald Reagan and more frequently leans to the right.

McConnell’s traitorous action to intentionally leave the seat open was a ploy to guarantee a Court more likely to vote in favor of his Party of Destruction.

Today McConnell is proud of himself. His refusal to represent the people of America and his constituents in Kentucky is more than shameful. He placed his party ahead of his country.

The primary reason our government is dysfunctional can be blamed on Republicans. McConnell’s promise to do nothing for as long as President Obama was in office placed politics far ahead of the American people. The GOP has become incompetent. Now, with the least qualified man in history as their leader, they have become power crazy. As of tomorrow, they will control all three branches of government. This in itself is the greatest danger to our nation since the Civil War.

Every day our country is more divided, and McConnell’s changing of senate rules to confirm Neil Gorsuch has virtually removed all remnants of democracy in our nation. Currently an oligarchy, or nation will soon be a plutocracy. A plutocracy can only exist under autocratic rule.

Every day there is more evidence that Vladimir Putin not only interfered in our election, he is also controlling the decision making of Donald Trump. Billionaire Robert Mercer was witnessed holding a meeting with a Russian oligarch during the campaign. This same oligarch’s private plane was twice seen on the tarmac near or next to Trump’s plane. The three men are undeniably linked.

The answer is yes; this is circumstantial evidence; but there is a preponderance. There is enough smoke to hide the forest fire within.

When Putin decided to illegally participate in the election of a President of the United States, it was an act of war. Trump was complicit with the Russian president, and is therefor a traitor to the American people.

The end is near; if the truth is allowed to see the light of day Trump will be evicted from the White House soon.

But I caution you; do not cease to participate in the revolution. Become more active and send Republican politicians home from their lives of luxury and privilege in Washington. Take your country back.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of T.J. Hawk

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