What Trump Has Not Accomplished in Nearly Three Months


Trump has one talent; he is able to lie so convincingly that millions of uninformed voters gifted him the Electoral College. His campaign promises have become the biggest joke in America. Intelligent Americans were aware that his outrageous claims were intended to obtain votes and nothing else.

On November 9th, 2016, Trump became the most hated man in America. The results of the popular vote displayed the fact that most Americans denounced the most unqualified man in the United States; a dirty old white man who is immoral, a white supremacist, and a sexual predator.

That did not stop hypocrites in the Republican Party from supporting their illegitimate president.

It is difficult to believe that even a man with an ego as large as Trump’s could believe that he deserves the title of president. A man who possesses all of his mental faculties would have surrounded himself with the most experienced and qualified advisers he could find; allowing him to become an effective leader of the free world. Instead, Trump chose a group of millionaires and billionaires who supported him during his campaign. His major supporter, billionaire Robert Mercer, was certainly involved with his selections. This was evident when Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway were given positions in the White House.

Trump selected the worst possible men and women to lead agencies critical for the majority, the nation’s future, and the survival of the planet.

Trump’s first actions occurred in the form of ‘executive orders.’ He immediately began to reduce funding for agencies beneficial to most of our 320 million people. Then he attempted to keep a campaign promise he made to his ‘basket of deplorables;’ he ordered all Muslims from seven nations banned from entering the United States. If no one in his circle of sinners was aware that this was unconstitutional, they are more ignorant than I believed. His ban has now been halted by two federal judges.

A plan to access laptops, hard drives, and other material from an Al Qaeda compound in Yemen had been planned months before Trumps minuscule inauguration. While wasting taxpayer money on a trip to Mar-a-Lago, and without the presence of military experts or national security advisers, Trump approved the raid on the first ‘moonless’ night after his election.

The sitting president must authorize the execution of any military action. Trump, Steve Bannon, and Jared Kushner gave the ‘go ahead’ while in the dining room of Trump’s ‘millionaires only resort.’

The result was a disaster. An unexpected firefight ensued. Dozens of civilians were killed, including at least one child. One Navy Seal was killed, and three were injured. Trump has never accepted the blame for his hasty decision, and never will.

On another evening while Trump was living a life of luxury at taxpayer’s expense at Mar-a-Lago, he was informed of a missile launch by North Korea while at the same table in the dining room. Trump and his unqualified ‘advisers’ spread paperwork over the table, in full view of dozens of guests who did not possess a security clearance.

The result was literally nothing. Trump later made a short statement, but he never spoke to his military officers, or the security agencies, and he never called China’s President Xi Jingpin.

Trump constantly promised his supporters that he would ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare on ‘day one.’ Two months into his illegitimate presidency, he attempted to rush through ‘Trumpcare’ in just a few days. Obamacare was 14 months in its construction. Trumpcare failed miserably.

For months, voters had been demanding that Obamacare remain intact and its flaws repaired. Town hall meetings were overfilled; the offices of Republican politicians were engulfed by angry Americans; but Trump and Paul Ryan refused to listen.

The result was not only an embarrassing defeat, but also offered proof that they were unable to govern.

Trump and his circle of sinners became objects of investigations by the FBI, and later by the intelligence committees of both houses regarding their relationship with the Russians during the election process. It has been revealed that multiple campaign staffers, and Trump himself, conspired with Vladimir Putin’s agents to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s first attempt to detract attention from his traitorous actions began with a claim that Trump Tower had been ‘wiretapped’ by President Obama. Every agency, and members of both parties debunked this impossible claim immediately.

When that failed to work, and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ordered a chemical weapons attack against his own people; resulting in the deaths of at least 70 men, women, and children, Trump feigned concern. In 2013, when Assad ‘gassed’ more than 1,400 innocent civilians, Trump tweeted that the President must not get involved in Syria; it was not our war.

In his second effort to misdirect the American people from his criminal actions, Trump made a decision. Once again, while at Mar-a-Lago, Trump ordered an attack on an empty Syrian air base. 59 Tomahawk missiles were launched from an American ship. Little damage was done to the field.

Prior to the minimal attack, Putin was informed; there were no casualties other than a small number of aircraft, and a radar installation.

Your illegitimate president is a con-man. He has no intention of effectively governing the United States of America. His plans include the reformation of America into a plutocracy controlled by fascism. He has already violated three amendments to the Constitution, and will repeal every amendment of which he does not approve.

Trump has done nothing; he is a destructive and illegitimate president.

For more than eight years, Republicans have not accomplished a single positive action for our nation or its people. If they cannot or will not govern, let’s send them home in November of 2018. Your vote is more important than ever before in our nation’s history.

Please re-post; your family and friends have a right to know the truth.

By the way; Trump’s wall will never be built.


by James Turnage

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