The American People have a Right to Know the Facts About Trump’s Farcical Attack on Syria

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I won’t repeat two previous stories, but here are the facts. Trump’s farcical attack on a Syrian airfield was not intended to cause destruction; it was an effort to deflect investigations into his long-time relationship with Vladimir Putin. The 59 reported Tomahawk missiles did not cause craters in the airfield, this is not what they are designed to accomplish, nothing of great importance was destroyed, and not a single member of the military was harmed. In addition, Trump warned Putin of his charade hours before the event, offering more proof regarding their close relationship.

What is more upsetting is the un-deserved pride from hypocritical Republicans, especially the traitorous Mitch McConnell.

Last week 70 men, women, and children were murdered; apparently from sarin gas. After Trump’s pretense of compassion, although he never cared about Syrian refugees previously, Assad used conventional bombs today to murder 18 more human beings. The aircraft which dropped the bombs likely took off from the same airbase Trump ordered destroyed; or did he?

In 2013, Assad ordered a much larger chemical weapons strike against his own people. More than 1,400 civilians were brutally slaughtered. President Obama planned a strike against Assad and his military strongholds. Leading the opposition in congress was Mitch McConnell. The President subsequently organized a diplomatic effort with Russia at the center.

Vladimir Putin is Assad’s primary supporter. He agreed to ensure that all chemical weapons would be removed from Syria and destroyed. The following is what McConnell said then and now in one of the biggest displays of hypocrisy I have ever reported.

“Secretary (of State John) Kerry, I guess in order to reassure the left-leaning members of his own party, said it would sort of be like a pinprick. You know, really would not be of any great consequence. I don’t know whether he had in mind knocking out a tent and a couple of camels or what.” But Trump’s strike “was well-planned, well- executed, went right to the heart of the matter, which is using chemical weapons. So, had I seen that — that kind of approach by President Obama, I’m sure I would’ve signed up.”

McConnell has accomplished a single talent in his many, many years as a traitorous senator. Lying is the only thing he has ever done in office.

‘What McConnell, R-Ky., said at the time was that Assad’s use of chemical weapons on his own people did not threaten the U.S. “A vital national security risk is clearly not in play,” he said then, responding to a far deadlier attack on civilians than the latest one.’

So Assad is a greater threat to the American people than he was four years ago? McConnell must be forced out of office and sent to live in a coal mine in Kentucky.

How long are the American people willing to accept a constant flow of lies from the right wing. Time for all government officials who fail to realize that the country belongs to the people to be retired from their lives of privilege and luxury.

The 2018 midterms are nearer than you think.


By James Turnage


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