Cowboy Donnie Ordered a Military Strike on Syria, but Why?


Thursday evening Trump ordered a military strike on a Syrian airbase. He claimed it was because of the children murdered by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad when he ordered a chemical weapons attack on the rebel population. The gas is suspected to be sarin. Trump has proven that he has no compassion for anyone. He hates the refugees from Syria, although they are the most oppressed people in the Middle East. His actions as your illegitimate president have proven that he is waging a war against Americans who live in poverty; more than 45 million. Am I expected to believe that he cares about anyone other than himself?

My first question is why? What did the use of an estimated 70 Tomahawk missiles on an airfield which apparently had no personnel, and will fail to weaken the intent of Assad and his Russian supporters from destroying thousands of more men, women, and children accomplish. Is this another failure similar to the raid on Yemen during his first weeks in office?

USA Today is claiming that ‘Trump’s bromance with Putin is history.’ Far from the truth.

If the attack had virtually no effect on Assad, what was the purpose? I can tell you, but the media and Republican politicians will ignore the truth. Trump has the support of millionaires and billionaires across the nation, while the majority are forgotten.

The bromance between Trump and Putin is stronger than ever. This strike is an attempt to convince the American people that the personal and professional relationship between the two men has not existed since 2007. This event was nothing more than a facade.

While the foreign press has proven the connection between Trump and Putin, and complicity between the two men during the election, the media and our government remain in denial. Putin and Trump planned every event which led to the Tomahawk missile attack. This is nothing more than a diversion.

If I’m wrong, watch closely as Assad continues to murder his people. Notice that the outrage from Russian leaders will continue to be nothing more than rhetoric. This will be Trump’s only response. The triumvirate between Robert Mercer, Vladimir Putin, and Trump continues to exist. Nothing has changed. Once again Trump has conned the American people.

If the truth about Trump’s criminal relationship with Putin and Russian oligarchs is fully disclosed, he will be impeached, imprisoned, and possibly executed for treason. The prophecies may come to fruition, and an American president will pay for his crimes with his own life.

Don’t believe me? Closely watch the events, or lack of, in the coming weeks. Trump is a loser and a phony. Nothing but a simple and crude description can be as accurate.

Trump and his circle of sinners must be prosecuted for crimes against the American people.

Please re-post; the truth must be revealed to the American people. Thank you.


By James Turnage


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