The Defining Moment Between Democrats and Republicans


Yesterday the Republican controlled Senate went ‘nuclear.’ The ‘filibuster’ is a thing of the past. Designed to give the minority a democratic opportunity to have their opinions heard, it has been repealed by Republicans.

Therefore, a simple majority confirmed Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Neil Gorsuch, today. The Court is once again slanted politically to the extreme right.

With every week Trump and his cronies destroy another part of our democracy; soon we will become a fascist nation. Republicans will claim that Democrats took similar action in 2013, but that is misleading. The 60 vote filibuster to nominate a Supreme Court position for life remained intact.

Hypocrite and traitor to the American people, Mitch McConnell, is responsible for the removal of a 200-year-old procedure. He bowed to Trump’s demands; again.

John McCain did not agree with McConnell; however, he did vote for it. He previously offered his opinion of the ‘nuclear option,’ and the Senate Majority Leader.

Idiot, whoever says that is a stupid idiot, who has not been here and seen what I’ve been through and how we were able to avoid that on several occasions,” McCain said Wednesday, recalling past efforts to defuse these judicial confirmation wars. “And they are stupid and they’ve deceived their voters because they are so stupid.”

For all Republicans party comes first; then the NRA; then the Christian religious right; then big oil; then military spending; billionaires who finance their campaigns; and finally the American people.

The 2018 midterm elections offer an opportunity for the American people to display their power. We must cease voting for parties and vote for the best candidate. All 435 members of the House are up for reelection and one-third of the Senate. All Trump supporters must be removed from office.

Please re-post; take back your country.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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