Trump Replaces CIA, NSA, and FBI with FOX Noise


If nothing else bothers you about Donald Trump and his ‘pretend presidency,’ this should. Trump sits around the White House watching FOX Noise, listening to Alex Jones, and reading Breitbart. This is where he receives all of his information. Trump even refuses to read the ‘President’s Daily Briefing.’ Everything Trump believes has been debunked dozens of times. This could be why everything Trump says is a lie; he has learned from some of the best.

We learned months ago that Trump prefers “alternative facts.” If a news agency, an intelligence agency, or any individual opposes Trump’s beliefs, they are immediately denounced and attacked by Trump.

This is the most frightening aspect of Trump’s illegitimate presidency. However, the late-night talk shows love him; he will give them material to make people laugh for nearly four more years. He is what I term “off the wall.” His lies, based on the lack of factual information, are so outrageous no one believes anything he says. We know that he is serious, because Trump lacks a sense of humor.

Finally, the only hope I had before he was inaugurated was that he would surround himself with an administration which was well-qualified and experienced. How could I be so very wrong? This is why I call his advisers a ‘circle of sinners;’ that’s what they are. They oppose the agencies they lead, and are destroying the fabric of my America.

Trump is not qualified to be the president, he fails to act like a president, and his Republican cronies are hypocritically supporting his rash and dangerous agenda without consideration for our country or our people.

ALL Republicans must go and be replaced with men and women who represent the American people.

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By James Turnage

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