The Most Expensive Presidency in History and Definitely not Worth It


I will write about this important story for as long as it takes the cowards in Washington to take action against Trump and his family, and as long as 45 million real Americans continue to live in poverty. I am disgusted with every man and woman who pretends to work in Washington. Trump and his spawn are spending taxpayer dollars at an alarming rate to preserve their luxurious and privileged lifestyles.

Records prove that two items, Trump’s unnecessary trips to Mar-a-Lago, and his son’s business trips have cost taxpayers move than $11.5 million dollars in the first month; and these are very conservative estimates. His five trips to his luxury resort have cost more than three million dollars each. Added to these expenses are Trump’s “campaign rallies;” his golf trips, (13 at one-million dollars each); the cost of secret service for his spawn including 100 agents for a week in Aspen; and you have a figure which is more than the cost of President Obama and his family for two years. Trump has not been in office for three months as of the writing of this article.

Trump made a big issue about giving his first quarter salary of $78,000 to the parks department. When he’s spending money you and I pay to maintain our nation, why should he be concerned about ‘pocket change?’

While Trump is cutting funding for agencies which aid low-income and impoverished Americans, he is using money which could aid these families to continue a life of extravagance. Trump also wants to remove all funding from Planned Parenthood; an agency which has assisted women who are unable to afford traditional healthcare for decades.

And finally, don’t forget the cost of Melania remaining in New York at nearly one-million dollars cost per day for the American people.

Trump lacks any semblance of morality, and has no compassion for millions of Americans who struggle daily. He cannot relate to the majority having lived a life of privilege for 70+ years.

The worst has happened; the nightmare continues after you wake-up. Trump is your illegitimate president and a disgrace to the nation of our founding fathers.

Do something about it. Become an activist and take your country back. Run for office; get the vote out in 2018; and never surrender to the cowardly politicians and television media who no longer represent the people. You do not have to accept him as your president.


By James Turnage


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