Trump’s Lies Are Driving his Approval Rate Into a Downward Spiral


Trump lacks the ability to tell the truth. Not a single promise during his campaign, and not a single statement he has made as your illegitimate president is based on fact. He is ignoring the will of the people, and contradicting himself with every immoral action he has taken in the White House.

Yesterday he signed a bill opposed by 74 percent of the American people. Internet service providers are now allowed to sell your personal information to other entities. This is a violation of the fourth amendment, and will hopefully appear on the agenda of the Supreme Court.

Prior to Trump’s official involvement in the political arena, Trump repeatedly stated that ‘America must stay out of Syria.’ That was then, but he is now secretly sending American ground forces into this Middle East nation.

Trumpcare appears to be headed to a second round. The new version will apparently remove the requirement to provide healthcare for Americans with preexisting conditions. Trump promised his supporters that would not happen.

Trump’s lies are upsetting to all Americans, and a growing number of white men who supported Trump are moving away from him. Trump’s approval rating has dropped to 34 percent; the lowest in history. He is the most hated man in America, and that was difficult to accomplish. Trump finally won something.

Lies have a way of eventually becoming exposed. Dozens of lies told by Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and Sean Spicer have already been debunked, and others will follow.

Yesterday Trump signed an executive order allowing a banned pesticide to be used on the fields which produce the food you eat. In support of DOW Chemicals, he is placing poisonous fruits and vegetables on your dining room table.

Simply put; Trump does not give a damn about the American people. Trump cares about Trump.

If you elected him, you can also remove him and save your country. Impeach Trump, and in November of 2018 remove every hypocritical Republican from their lives of privilege and luxury. They can be replaced with congressmen and women who will work for you and your families.


By James Turnage


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