Can Jared Kushner Avert WWIII, or Will He Cause It?


Trump has decided that his 36-year-old son-in-law, whose work resume is a blank sheet of paper, will hold multiple positions in his administration. His most recent duty appears to be doing Rex Tillerson’s job as “acting Secretary of State.” Jared Kushner is a spoiled rich kid who can miraculously fix everything. Really?

A couple of days ago Kushner made a surprise and apparently unauthorized trip to Baghdad. For what purpose, no one knows.

Later this week, China’s President Xi Jinping will be at Mar-a-Lago with Trump and Kushner. It is not clear whether Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be present. The greatest dangers to the world center around China. From North Korea’s immature but dangerous dictator, and the escalating tensions between Japan and China, this nation of 1.357 billion people is the primary component in the attempt to avoid a third world war.

At the center of the dispute between China and Japan are eight uninhabited islands controlled by Japan that are close to important shipping lanes, rich fishing grounds and potential oil and gas reserves. China is contesting Japan’s claim that the islands belong to them. Both nation’s have conducted military exercises in a show of strength and resolve.

I have been very fearful for the future of not only the United States of America, but for the entire world since Trump’s illegitimate election. The level of my fear grew as I witnessed Trump appoint and nominate men who are entirely unqualified to hold their positions. When he added Kushner, my hands began to shake. The disrespect he showed Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, offered more proof that Trump’s weak temperament will not allow open and honest discussions between himself and other world leaders. Trump will never listen to the opinions of another.

How can he conduct diplomacy when he fails to know the meaning of the word. What will he say to China’s president, or will he allow Kushner to control the conversation? The inmates are running the asylum.

I remain astounded that just a short time ago we had one of the greatest presidents in history living in the White House. His intelligence was impressive, but he was also wise; he surrounded himself with highly qualified and intelligent advisers. Both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry were great diplomats who “put out fires” around the world on a daily basis. Trump refuses to read the Presidents Daily Briefing, and fails to know current events.

Trump must go, and yesterday would not have been soon enough.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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