Neil Gorsuch May Be a Greater Danger to America than Antonin Scalia

Gorsuch (2)

If you watched the hearings for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, on C-SPAN, you watched a controlled and calm man who attempted to say all of the right things to convince the American people that he would be a fair and impartial justice; a man who would not be partisan and only apply the Constitution to his decisions. This is the image Gorsuch chooses to offer the American people, but the reality regarding his political beliefs are much different.

The truth is that Gorsuch would remove many of the regulations which protect our nation’s people and the environment. He supports businesses who have long claimed that regulations have lessened their profits. Boo hoo.

Gorsuch aligns himself with white supremacist Steve Bannon who believes in the ‘deconstruction’ of the American governmental system. He also supports recent legislation proposed by House Republicans which would ‘severely curtail’ the power of federal agencies designed to protect the majority.

Democrats are prepared to ‘filibuster’ his nomination. Republicans claim that they are merely playing politics; the same game Republicans played when Merrick Garland was nominated by President Obama over 15 months ago. The truth is that he would be a tool for right wing extremists similar to the man he is replacing; Antonin Scalia.

Call your senators and tell them that the American people do not want someone like Gorsuch sitting on the Court for the remainder of his life.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes

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