After Trump’s Election the Fact that a Woman Is Needed in the White House Is Confirmed


44 men have been elected as the President of the United States. Grover Cleveland was elected twice, but not consecutively; therefore Trump is our 45th and illegitimate president. Most of these 44 men have attempted to destroy our nation with a linear view of our nation’s future and our place in the world. For many of them personal ambition was more important than the people of the United States. Women, low-income families, and those living in poverty have been ignored by men; all of them old and white with the exception of Mr. Obama, and a young JFK.

The mistake which is Donald Trump is proof that it’s past time for a woman to work in the White House, sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office. He and his circle of sinners are methodically destroying accomplishments made for the majority in the last 60 years. They are harming families, women; especially single mothers; and increasing the number of Americans living in poverty.

Hillary Clinton worked for women, families, and children for her entire life. Her experience as a public servant offered her qualifications greater than any previous presidential candidate.

The list of reasons why Hillary should have become our nation’s 45th president are lengthy; and so are the list of reasons why Trump should not have been elected. He is proving that singular truth daily as he lies to the nation, and attempts to destroy democracy and repeal the Constitution.

Hillary would have been a working president. She would not be sitting around watching cable television or listening to Alex Jones. She would also be intelligent enough to know that ‘Breitbart’ is fake news.

Hillary would have worked to improve Obamacare and not attempt to repeal the popular healthcare law. She would be strong in her efforts to force Vladimir Putin to comply with international law. Hillary would reduce funding for the military, and force them to audit the waste of taxpayer money. She would have fought for an increase in the minimum wage, and encourage efforts to adopt clean energy and eventually eliminate the use of fossil fuels. The future of America and the world would have been a focus, as repair of the environment became a priority across the nation. Education would be affordable, and possibly free for all Americans, not just the privileged few. Her advisers and cabinet would have been filled with diverse men and women whose only intent was to improve the quality of life for the majority.

Hillary would not have wasted taxpayer money partying at Mar-a-Lago every weekend, on golf excursions, or ‘campaigning for 2020’ today.

Most importantly, she would not be involved in the movement to “make America white again;” she denounces white supremacy, bigotry, and misogyny.

The man living in the White House today is a liar, dishonest, and has no concern for the future of America. His purpose is to advance his personal wealth through his business ventures domestically and internationally.

Finally, Trump must be forced to reveal his tax returns, and submit to a complete physical and psychiatric evaluation.

The American people, aided by an unconstitutional Electoral College, gave the nation’s people a ‘con-man’ as their illegitimate president.

The midterms are in November of 2018. Get out the vote.


By James Turnage

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