What do Paul Ryan and Scott Walker Have in Common? It’s More than Representing Wisconsin


Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House; a Representative for the people of Wisconsin. Scott Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin. These two men are more alike than you might think; both men are bad for their state and bad for the American people.

Ryan leads the nation, and Walker leads his state in the Party of Destruction’s war on the poor.

Ryan has sought the repeal of Medicare and Medicaid since his first election in 1998. His support of the wealthy has been confirmed by his ‘tax plans,’ and his efforts to repeal and NOT replace Obamacare.

Walker became Wisconsin’s governor in 2011. He immediately waged war on the working class, and immigrants. Now he is focusing on the most vulnerable Americans in his state; families living in poverty.

Walker will propose legislation which will require every man or woman who files for Medicaid to be tested for drug use. His lack of understanding and compassion for the people of Wisconsin should make him a target for the state’s voters. This ignorant man fails to examine similar programs in other states. For example, in North Carolina, less than .03 percent of Medicaid applicants tested positive for drug abuse.

When I was a much younger man, the Republican Party was not what it is today; the ‘Party of Destruction.’ It represented all Americans and focused its efforts on individual freedom and smaller government. Today’s GOP is ‘Republican in name only.’ They have become the party of the rich, and oppose anything which would positively affect the majority of the American people. For more than eight years they have said “no” to any proposal which would assist low-income and impoverished Americans.

With Trump as their illegitimate president, and Tom Price heading the agency which oversees Medicare and Medicaid, Ryan and Walker’s dreams of destroying the life of tens of millions of Americans may be achieved.

Vote in November of 2018; take back your country from the Party of Destruction.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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