Trump’s Lies Made Fools of His Supporters


For 15 months Trump lied to his supporters. While his campaign staff was working with Russian agents, and the media was allowing Trump to say anything without denouncing his outrageous claims, he told crowds what they wanted to hear. The truth is that everything Trump said; all the things he promised were nothing more than ‘campaign promises.’

Post election Trump immediately declared a war on the working class. Every executive order and a single failed piece of legislation has proven destructive to the majority of Americans, and beneficial for the one-percent. Trump’s supporters were pawns for an ambitious and immoral man.

Trump focused on three issues at his vile rallies, where freedom of speech was prohibited. He promised to ‘build a wall and make Mexico pay for it;’ ‘ban Muslims from entering America;’ and ‘repeal and replace Obamacare on day one.’ None of this has happened, or will ever happen.

What Trump has done is to destroy programs which benefited low-income and impoverished Americans. He has either repealed or reduced funding for accomplishments made by his predecessor, and legitimate President, Barrack Obama.

Ohio was instrumental in giving Trump the necessary electoral votes to become our nation’s 45th and illegitimate president. Tammy and Joseph Pavlic live in Kinsman, Ohio. Mr. Pavlic was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and forced to quit his job. Mrs. Pavlic accepted a job in a restaurant; earning about $9,000 per year in wages. Their home was in disrepair, and thanks to a program titled the ‘HOME Investment Partnerships Program,’ they received a loan in 2015 to make their home livable once again.

In 2016, they believed what Donald Trump was telling the American people, and enthusiastically voted for him. One of Trump’s first actions as our illegitimate president was to cut funding for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Among other cuts which would assist Americans in need, the HOME program would be abolished.

Like many uninformed Americans, the Pavlics remain supportive of Trump. They appear to believe that the man they voted for can ‘wave a magic wand’ and “fix everything.”

The truth is that they have been fooled by the biggest ‘con’ ever perpetrated upon the American people. Mrs. Pavlic said that she continues to support Trump, but if he could see what some of his actions are doing to harm people, he would change his mind. This is ‘sad.’ Trump is a bully, and a spoiled rich kid. He cannot, and chooses not to understand the problems of Americans who are not millionaires or billionaires. He has surrounded himself with other billionaires who have no interest in serving the American people.

Soon everyone in America, even Trump supporters, will become aware of how they were fooled by the most immoral man in the world.

Trump will never be presidential. Trump will never understand the 320 million people he was elected to serve.

We all make mistakes, but for those who supported and continue to support Trump, their mistake will change America forever, and not for the better.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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