“Make America White Again”


The title of this article is the true meaning behind the slogan on Trump’s comical red baseball caps. Isn’t it time for the Media to tell the truth and admit that the Trump administration is entirely composed of white supremacists? Only Steve Bannon openly admits that he is a white nationalist as a member of ‘alt-right.’ However, by Trump’s actions since his election, and those with whom he chooses to have in his inner circle, he has proven that he intentionally surrounded himself with ‘whites only,’ and his agenda is anti-minority.

By reducing funds for many agencies, African Americans and other minorities will suffer. Since Trump’s illegitimate election states have enacted 45 new laws focused on African Americans in an attempt to prevent them from exercising their first amendment right to vote. Hate crimes across the nation have increased by more than 200 percent.

The GOP has long been labeled as a party of racists; and that is an accurate depiction. With Trump as their leader, McConnell, King, Gohmert, and others can wear their hooded white robes in the light of day.

Every man closely associated with Trump supports white supremacy. In addition to his chief adviser, Bannon, others have come out of the shadows. Beginning with the most notable white supremacist of all, Vladimir Putin, Trump is counseled by extremists. Robert Mercer, Jeff Sessions, Eric and Donald Jr., Scott Pruitt, Tom Price, and others have exhibited racial bias in the past.

Today Kellyanne Conway confirms that she, too, is a white nationalist. She offered great praise for a segment of “60 Minutes,” when Mike Cernovich was interviewed. Conway tweeted: a must-see ratings bonanza” and linking to Cernovich’s blog on Medium.

Cernovich is a member of ‘alt-right,’ but is also a conspiracy theorist, a sexist, and just about anything else which can be called ‘vile and disgusting.’ He speaks as if he is Alex Jones’ lost brother.

Here are some of his “beliefs.”

I went from libertarian to alt-right after realizing tolerance only went one way and diversity is code for white genocide.”

Cernovich claimed; “date rape does not exist” and “misogyny gets you laid” and said that people who “love black women” should “slut shame them” to keep them from getting AIDS.

So this man is Conway’s hero! When Conway and Bannon moved to Trump’s staff after Cruz withdrew from his campaign, I did not understand the reasoning. When I learned about Mercer, it became more clear. Now the puzzle is complete; there is no longer a question about the top tier of our nation’s government; they are in place to “make America white again.”

Thanks to millions of misinformed Americans, along with tens of thousands of racists and bigots, America is cursed with the greatest of all evils, and their names can be found in the headlines daily.

Our nation’s most revered residence has never been whiter.


By James Turnage


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