Trump Indicted for Inciting Violence

Trump Illness

I wanted to call Trump’s campaign rallies a ‘circus side show’ because of the freaks yelling and screaming their support for the orange buffoon, but the circus is entertaining, and these events were a stain on America. Trump did make several campaign promises he never intended to keep, but most of his vile rhetoric was focused on belittling another human being. His personal attacks revealed his complete lack of character. If a Trump critic was in the crowd, his supporters cheered as he had the individual removed from the show. “Get him outta here,” and “hit him in the face,” were common orders from Trump. Most of these rallies were nothing more than an excuse for displays of anger, hatred, and violence. Trump may be forced to pay for his disgusting encouragement of actions against his detractors.

Henry Brousseau, Kashiya Nwanguma and Molly Shah filed a lawsuit in Louisville, Kentucky against Donald Trump for encouraging violent action against them at a Trump rally. Trump’s attorneys attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed, but U. S. District Judge David J. Hale of the Western District of Kentucky refused. He stated that because similar incidents had occurred at prior rallies, and the Louisville crowd was known to have hate groups present, Trump’s order to have a black woman removed was a directive to extract her with the use of physical force.

Trump’s support of white supremacist groups, and hatred for Hispanics and Muslims became the focus of his campaign.

Trump has faced dozens of lawsuits while engaging in his business interests, but this will be the second he must face as your illegitimate president.

On January 17, Summer Zervos filed a ‘defamation of character’ lawsuit against Donald J. Trump. Ms. Zervos previously claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Trump during the taping of ‘The Apprentice,’ which Trump denied and called her and others who made similar claims ‘liars.’

Ms. Zervos filed the lawsuit, suggesting that she was subjected to “threats of violence, economic harm and reputational damage.”

Gloria Allred, Ms. Zervos’ attorney, offered Trump a solution.

“Ms. Zervos is willing to dismiss her lawsuit if he will retract his false statements about her and acknowledge that what Summer said about Mr. Trump and his alleged conduct is and was the truth,” she said.

Well, the world now knows Trump, and he will never admit that he was wrong. He believes that he is the only ‘perfect’ person in the world. The term is ‘mentally challenged.’

Trump’s actions as your illegitimate president are often violations of the Constitution, and the possibility of multiple lawsuits are a reality.

As a businessman, Trump was able to hide his crimes. However, he is now the most heavily scrutinized man in the world.

Trump is unfit to live in the White House, and we all know this is a fact.


By James Turnage

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