New York to Melania: “Get Out”


Donald Trump is spending taxpayer dollars to maintain his luxurious lifestyle faster that any politician in history. From his golf trips; his trips to Mar-a-Lago; campaign rallies, and other needless jaunts, the cost is outrageous.

But his family is also to blame for wasting your money. Jared Kushner, Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric all require secret service protection at home and when they travel for Trump’s business or personal pleasure.

And then there’s Melania. She insists on remaining in Trump Tower. Merchants in the vicinity have lost business due to the extra security. The cost to the federal government and the City of New York is growing. New York is asking reimbursement from the government for thousands of hours of overtime incurred by police officers. The estimated cost is $146,000 per day. This does not include secret service. In addition the secret service must be housed and are paying rent to Trump Tower; in other words, your illegitimate president.

More than 175,000 New York City residents have signed a petition demanding that Melania go to Washington and live with her husband, or pay the $146,000 herself. The city estimates the total cost for a single year to reach $50 million; more if Trump ever visits Trump Tower himself.

Trump enjoys spending your money. Although during his campaign he told a ‘whopper.’ Lies are Trump’s most effective tool when he speaks to his supporters. “If I’m POTUS I don’t think I’d see any of my golf courses again, I just want to stay in WH and “work in my ass off;” he tweeted.

First of all, Trump has never worked for anything, and he isn’t working for you now. Secondly, his actions prove that this was just a ‘campaign lie;’ he never planned to give up his lifestyle.

Lois Frankel is a local politician in Palm Beach. She responded to the complaints of local businesses and residents.

While we want the fullest protection for your visits, we hope you would be responsive to the losses of small businesses and residents of Palm Beach County,” Frankel wrote in a statement. “If compensation is not assured of being forthcoming, we respectfully ask that you curtail your visits until such time as that matter is resolved favorably to our area.”

I would like to offer Trump a definition of the word “work,” since he is obviously using it out of context.

Work: 1. activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. 2. mental or physical activity as a means of earning income; employment.

I suggest Trump learn it, and live it.


By James Turnage


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