Facts Are Facts Unless You Are Kellyanne Conway


Some television networks have refused to allow Kellyanne Conway on their broadcasts. Her ‘fantasy world’ is not news; that’s what the Disney Channel is for. Her use of “alternative facts” is not acceptable any longer.

The first 60+ days of the Trump Administration have been a complete failure; but don’t tell Conway. She claims that he has created jobs and ‘lots of other things;’ none of it true. The job growth is a result of actions taken before his election, and everything else he has attempted has failed; most notably ‘Trumpcare.’

Regardless of the truth, Conway claims that the media is ‘under-reporting’ the facts. Speaking on FOX, one of the only networks who will allow her to use her ‘spin’ technique, Conway said: “The mainstream media are making Americans suffer through information underload,” she said.

See; Fantasyland. But she didn’t stop with her lies.

“It’s not just unfair coverage. That’s one thing,” she said. “It’s everything that doesn’t get covered. It’s the incomplete coverage.”

Poor Donnie. The truth is that there is nothing to report which is positive. Trump also refuses to answer a direct question.

The latest poll reveals that your illegitimate president’s approval rating is at 36 percent. Most of us who closely follow politics did not believe that any president’s approval rating could be lower than George W. Bush’s after two invasions and bankrupting America, but, hooray for Trump; he did it!

I don’t know about you, but in addition to the un-Constitutional actions by Trump, and his support of the one-percent at the expense of the majority, I’m just plain tired of hearing lies every day, and watching as our taxpayer dollars are wasted.

Trump must go, and the sooner the better.


By James Turnage


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