“Ethics” Is not a Word in the Trump Family Dictionary

Von Trumps

When someone is born into a life of luxury, they often lack the understanding of those who work for a living. That ‘understanding’ includes an awareness of right and wrong. Those who experience lives of privilege are unable to relate to the vast majority of the American people. There are several words not included in their dictionaries such as ‘struggle,’ ‘fear,’ ‘hunger,’ or ‘ethics.’

Donald Trump and his family are not ‘average’ Americans. They live in a different world than most American families. Trump claims that he is a billionaire, but nobody has seen his tax returns. It was reported Friday that that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have a net worth of $740 million. All three are now ‘civil servants.’

Trump is required by ethics laws to divest his interests in his international business while he is your illegitimate president. He claims that he has obeyed the laws, but has not offered proof. Knowing his personality, and the fact that he is an egomaniac, raises doubts about Trump’s veracity.

Kushner and Ivanka must now divest themselves from all business interests while they “work” in the White House. The question is, will they, or will they violate the law like Kellyanne Conway who continues to operate her consulting business while working a ‘fake job’ in Trump’s circle of sinners?

At the center of this situation are Kushner’s real estate holdings. No federal employee is allowed to operate a business which could benefit from that employment. A president is exempt from this rule relating to domestic business interests, but not international.

What concerns me the most, and should be the headline on every newspaper in the nation, and the first story on every television broadcast, is the fact that Trump and his spawn are using taxpayer money to continue their privileged lifestyles. This ‘white trash’ family has already cost taxpayers a minimum of $20 million in just over two months. At this rate of expense, taxpayers will lose more than one-half billion dollars in four years. At the same time, Trump is cutting funding for multiple social programs beneficial and necessary for low-income and impoverished Americans. Trump is living a life of luxury and privilege while the American people struggle for survival.

Trump must go; and soon. We can’t afford his many golf trips and travels to Mar-a-Lago to party every weekend. In addition, Melania must be forced to reside in the White House with her 70-year-old obese husband. At one-million dollars a day, her stay in Trump Tower must end.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Michael Vadon

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