Trump, His Family, Kellyanne Conway, and Others Profit from the Campaign and Holding Public Office


To discover why the Party of Destruction acts in a controversial manner, the truth is revealed if we simply ‘follow the money.’ This is also true about the Trump administration. They are not in office to serve the American people; they are in Washington to increase their personal wealth and spend taxpayer money for their personal lifestyles.

Trump remains in control of his international business interests, although he claims not to be. His daughter, Ivanka, and son-in-law Jerad Kushner have an estimated wealth of $700 million. During the campaign season, Kellyanne Conway had 10 speaking engagements, and serviced 66 clients with her consulting firm, netting her a profit of $800,000 while she “worked” on campaigns for Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Conway is now ’employed’ as a White House ‘special counsel,’ a non-existent position established by Trump and paid for by American taxpayers.

Trump and his family continue to live lives of privilege and luxury with one major difference; you are now paying for their lifestyle. Trump has spent an estimated $15 million of taxpayer money on his travels to and from Mar-a-Lago. There has not been a number released about the cost of his victory tour, or his “campaign rallies.” His golf trips add another million each time he plays a round, and to date he has been on a golf course 13 times. Although he vehemently criticized President Obama every time he took the time to step on a golf course, Trump believes he has the right to waste taxpayer money whenever he feels like it.

Melania continues to reside in Trump Tower at an estimated cost to taxpayers of one-million dollars a day.

Trump’s spawn recently took a ski trip to Aspen for a week. Traveling with them were an estimated 100 secret service agents, whose expenses were paid for by taxpayers.

Their is a word for all of this; corruption. Trump is decreasing the budget of multiple agencies which primarily benefit low-income and impoverished Americans, but he has no problem spending that money to support his personal lifestyle.

Today is April 1st; we must “Fire the Fool”


By James Turnage


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