Spicer, Like Trump, Proves that He Is Mentally Challenged

Spicer (2)

Throughout my fifty+ years of interest in politics, I have witnessed many interesting and humorous people and events. I admit that in my younger years, I was naive and failed to ‘read between the lines.’ That is no longer the situation today. In all of those years, I never witnessed anything like the two men who constantly offer the press fallacious information as they do today. Trump has proven himself mentally challenged. He is a paranoid egomaniac who lacks self-control. His temperament is extremely weak, and renders himself unable to retain any semblance of normality.

Trump’s press secretary appears before the White House press corps daily and appears as if he will have a nervous breakdown at any moment. Although it is nearly impossible, Sean Spicer lies more frequently than Trump or his spin doctor, Kellyanne Conway. Members of the press corps are convinced that he is ‘bat shit crazy.’

When Spicer was questioned about how Devin Nunes gained access to the White House grounds and who he met with after the only day of investigation into the connection between Putin and Trump, he told a lie so brazenly false that it offered proof regarding his mental instability. “We don’t track every person who is on the 18 acres.”

Most Americans know that no one is allowed access to the White House without secret service approval. In addition, a log is kept to verify that access.

When Spicer was asked about the early revelations from the Senate Intelligence Committee, he attempted to deflect the facts and accuse Hillary Clinton of connections with Putin. The first problem for the delusional press secretary is the fact that Putin harbors a great hatred for Hillary, resulting from his controversial election in 2011 when the Russian people questioned the validity of Putin’s victory.

After the press conference, twitter was filled with comments.

Spicer is just vomiting words from the podium at this point…

Every Sean Spicer press conference feels like a science project presentation from an unprepared 6th Grader.”

I’ve avoided watching Sean Spicer briefings, but am at MSNBC watching this one. The non-stop dishonesty and irresponsibility is amazing.

The press continues to use words such as ‘unusual’ and ‘unconventional’ to describe the debacle that is the Trump administration. That is entirely inaccurate. The words which should be used are ‘immoral, criminal, fallacious, unethical, and racist.’ The truth will return freedom to the American people.


By James Turnage


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