Trump, Like Other Wealthy Americans, Buys His Way Out Of Jail


One of the saddest facts about America is the inequality between the wealthy and the working class. The super rich understand the word ‘freedom’ differently than those of us who work for a living. They lack the ability to understand true fear; fear that you may not be able to properly provide for your family, or that you may not have a job tomorrow.

Although there is no reason for its existence, the greatest inequity of all is the judicial system.

If you are low-income, or living in poverty, committing a crime guarantees time in jail or incarceration in a prison. Illegal possession of drugs, legal or illegal, felony theft, embezzlement, and fraud, among other crimes, will result in imprisonment and possible fines. It’s entirely different for the wealthy.

In 2014 a study revealed that the average income of an inmate prior to their incarceration was $19,185 per year, compared to non-incarcerated men and women, whose average yearly income was 41 percent higher.

If you are wealthy, it is highly unlikely that you will receive jail time for the same crimes I previously listed. You will be able to afford the best attorneys, and present an image to the court and jury that you deserve leniency; often probation and a small fine.

The banking industry was responsible for the great recession of 2008. Thousands of Americans lost their homes, and thousands more lost their jobs. Not a single executive from any lending institution was prosecuted for their crimes. Many of them witnessed their fortunes grow as they subsequently purchased foreclosures.

Your illegitimate president committed fraud by stealing tens of thousand of dollars of dollars from men and women who were desperate to find a better job. “Trump University” was a complete scam. Those who paid their money to Trump received lectures from individuals who claimed to be knowledgeable, but never from Trump himself; the ‘university’ was non-existent. Trump was offered a “deal” which would prevent him from prosecution. He settled out of court for $25 million.

The Democratic New York attorney general said Friday’s ruling “will provide relief — and hopefully much-needed closure — to the victims of Donald Trump’s fraudulent university.”

Trump University’s victims waited years for compensation, while President Trump refused to settle and fought us every step of the way — until his stunning reversal last fall,” he said.

Because the attorneys for nearly 4,000 plaintiffs agreed to forgo their fees, each former ‘student’ is expected to recover approximately 90 percent of their costs.

There will be no charges filed against Trump for the crime itself; a felony. This is the standard for America’s rich and privileged.

Business associates of Trump have claimed that he cheated and used the tactics of a schoolyard bully to become somewhat successful. However, he remains indebted to several banks for hundreds of millions of dollars. Because he refuses to reveal his tax returns to the American people, we may never know the truth about his “business empire.”

Finally, a question. We know that Trump has not divested himself from his international business interests, as required by law. Is the presidency an opportunity for Trump to increase his foreign businesses, and pay off his debt?

Once a crook, always a crook.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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