Rex Tillerson, America’s Primary Diplomat, Rejects Face to Face Discussion


They may or may not be true, but comments about Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, coming from the State Department frequently poke fun at the 65 year old man. The latest claim is that his career diplomats have been instructed not to speak to him directly or even make eye contact.”

Other facts have recently revealed much about the former Exxon-Mobile CEO. One report states that he planned to turn down Trump’s nomination until his wife told him that ‘it was God’s will.’ The other observation of Tillerson is that he refuses to answer questions from any of the media.

The most important truth of all is that he lacks any qualification for the position he now holds. The only person he will be comfortable with is one of his closest friends, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump has many, many faults and problems. As the illegitimate president, he lacks two very important ingredients which would make him ‘presidential.’ Trump refuses to ask for or accept opinions from anyone who has more knowledge about a subject than himself. Secondly, he has failed to surround himself with any advisers or members of his cabinet who are knowledgeable in their positions, or in some cases are opposed to the organizations they now lead. To put it bluntly; the Trump administration is a mess.

Probably the question asked most frequently is ‘why are his daughter and son-in-law ‘working’ in the White House?’ They know nothing. They are spoiled rich children who cannot relate to the average American. They are members of the ‘one-percent’ who understand only two things; privilege and luxury.

Trump and his circle of sinners act as if the presidency is a game. Jared Kushner spoke two days about a ‘new agency’ he will lead. He called the American people ‘customers of the government.’ This is what I mean; he does not understand that we, the people, are the United States of America, and the government must work for us. Jared wouldn’t know how to serve anyone, and would not choose to do so.

Trump and his supporters are a bad joke played upon America; but I’m not laughing. I love my country, and Trump is harming our people every day.


By James Turnage


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