Nearing the Truth About Trump and Putin’s Bromance?


Devin Nunes was obviously ordered to end the investigation into the connection between Trump and Vladimir Putin by the House Intelligence Committee. He should be ashamed of himself, but the fact is that he is a member of the Party of Destruction, and a Representative under the hypocritical control of Paul Ryan. Now the Senate in taking over, and just maybe the America people will learn the truth.

The Senate committee has already discovered that Trump encouraged Putin’s involvement in our election. But the big question is whether or not some of Trump’s insiders will once again volunteer to testify, or will the truth be told; they knew Nunes would end the investigation, and their volunteering was merely a facade. Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and others contacted Russia during the campaign; but for what purpose?

One thing will happen; former acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, will testify, and Trump is very afraid. Will the Senate committee also call Preet Bharara, the fired U.S. Attorney? Trump and Jeff Sessions are fearful of the testimony of both individuals.

On January 1st, 1956, a book was published by Senator John F. Kennedy. The title is “Profiles in Courage.” The Pulitzer Prize winning book told the stories of eight United States Senators throughout history. I would like to be hopeful and believe that party affiliation will be discarded, and the future of our nation and the American people will take precedence. Which Republican Senator or Senators will stand up to Trump and his plans to destroy America? Which Senators will demonstrate their own courage, and be worthy of inclusion in JFK’s book?

Personally, I remain hopeful that some in Washington; some in what has become the Party of Destruction, will find their patriotism and place America ahead of their party.

For over eight years the House has proven to be a weak, unfit, and divisive segment of our government. Weak leadership, and the acceptance of an extremist group which now calls itself the “Freedom Caucus;” formerly the “TEA Party;” created gridlock in the “people’s house.”

Paul Ryan has followed in the footsteps of John Boehner. The only difference between them is that Boehner actually cared about his country.

The American people must watch closely as the Senate conducts its investigation. The results may signal new hope for American, or offer proof that its demise is inevitable.


By James Turnage


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