Who is Sergei Millian? Why is he Important? Why is he an Avid Trump Supporter?

Trump Illness

As of today there have been dozens of names offered in the investigation of Trump’s close relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin. Although the Party of Destruction continues its attempts to cover-up the facts, the amount of circumstantial evidence indicates that concrete and damning evidence will soon emerge.

Devin Nunes was the chairman of a House Intelligence committee investigation the Trump-Putin connection. After a meeting at the White House, he canceled all future efforts to investigate the Trump-Putin connection.

The ultimate truth is that lies eventually see the light of day, and the more lies an individual or a group offers as “alternative facts,” the bigger the scandal.

One individual who must be questioned by the FBI and our government is Sergei Millian. No one knows how or when this man in his late thirties migrated from Belarus, or how he obtained citizenship. We do know that he is an avid Trump supporter who has close ties with your illegitimate president, and has been investigated by the FBI for his connections with Russian intelligence.

Millian has been involved with Trump related to real estate investments; Trump’s in Russia, and Russian oligarchs in the United States. Millian bragged about his relationship with Trump.

Millian described Trump as a “powerful, charismatic, and highly intelligent leader with a realistic approach toward Russia.” He added, “I, personally, wholeheartedly support his presidential aspirations. It’s been a great pleasure representing Mr. Trump’s projects in Russia.”

However, after allegations regarding Russia’s involvement in our election were revealed, Millian, who leads the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce, had all mention of his relationship with Trump removed from the website.

Spokesmen for Trump and Millian have denied what the young man once bragged about. However, the facts cannot be hidden; real estate sales are public record.

This connection between Trump and Putin began in 2007 with a trip to Moscow. In 2013 Trump once again traveled to Moscow. During this trip the events of that visit were revealed in the “Golden Showers Dossier.” Former British spy, Christopher Steele, composed a 35 page document alleging several actions by your illegitimate president.

Of little importance is Trump’s salacious involvement with two Russian prostitutes. What is far more important are his meetings with Russian oligarchs, allegedly for the purpose of assisting them with the purchase of American real estate; enabling them to launder money.

As early as 2008 we know that Trump was involved with Russia. After a real estate conference, Donald Trump Jr. said the following.

“Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.” He added, “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire;” and there’s a lot of smoke.


By James Turnage

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