Trump Is not ‘Cleaning out the Swamp’ in Washington: He and His Family Are Bathing in It


Trump and his family have wasted what I estimate to be nearly $100 million taxpayer dollars in just over two months. They are the most expensive presidential family in history. Trump and his spawn are living lives of privilege and luxury at taxpayer’s expense. They are proving themselves to be the definition of ‘white trash.’

Trump recently complained that the country’s finances were a mess, and he promised to cut government waste and get the government’s finances cleaned up.

Trump has already waste nearly $15 million on unnecessary trips to Mar-a-Lago. We haven’t been given the cost of his victory tour, or his “campaign rallies.” We have also yet to learn the cost of his family’s ski vacation to Aspen, when an estimated 100 secret service agents were deployed for their protection. A week in Aspen, a luxury ski resort, is extremely costly. Add in salaries, and we will never know how many taxpayer dollars were wasted so the “Von-Trump” family could live in a style they are accustomed to. Melania’s decision to remain in Trump Tower is costing the American people an estimated million dollars each day.

Here’s the problem; Trump and his family have never worked an honest day in their lives. They are unable to relate to the hard-working American men and women who struggle daily to provide the necessities for their families. So, why should Trump or his spawn be concerned if they waste money which could have a positive effect on low-income and impoverished Americans?

Poverty is growing in America; and your illegitimate president is not interested. Trump cares about himself and no one else. America has a ‘white trash’ president who is squandering your money on himself.

It’s past time for him to go; and I don’t care how.


By James Turnage


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