I’m not certain that my wife understands me to this day. I love her, but more importantly I respect her more than any other person in the world. This is my mantra; my rock. I believe that if I cannot respect any other human being, all other emotions and affection is impossible.

Mankind has the ability to deny the truth and worship heroes and gods without proof that they are worthy of our adoration. It is normal for humans to seek a leader; a man or woman who can manufacture a way out of their dark and desperate lives. Religions thrive on this need and make promises they are unable to keep. Politicians have learned from those who claim to have the ultimate solution. Their words are hollow, but men and women whose desperation has reached an end without hope of resolution become tools for ambitious men and women.

Those of us who have the ability to understand the ambitions of unscrupulous men and women cannot allow them to harm those who are indefensible. We must make every attempt to secure a better life for them, based on the greatest document ever penned by man; the Constitution of the United States of America.

Every four years the American people have an opportunity to select a leader. They place all of their hopes and dreams upon one man; one woman who will place their needs and dreams ahead of themselves and those whose ambitions are related to material gain. Sadly, most rely on what they see and hear from the mainstream media, and advertisements from those who support the candidates.

Few Americans take the time to vet the individuals who make promises related to their future. The result is the fact that their votes often result in harm for themselves and their families.

Much of this could be avoided if a single criteria would become the standard. Any man or woman who seeks the highest office in America and ultimately the world must deserve the respect of every voter in our nation.

One of the primary reasons why Barrack Obama was victorious in the 2008 election was that he deserved the respect of the American people. Throughout his development as an American, his character and devotion to others was never questioned. He remains the ultimate patriot; a man who loves the American people more than himself.

Although he faced what historians may determine as the most difficult presidency in history, he never wavered from his goal; to serve the American people and focus on the betterment of their lives.

Today, March 30, 2017, our nation is in serious jeopardy. We are challenged by a man and an administration whose plans are to re-create the United States of America. These wealthy old men are making attempts to destroy the nation of our founding fathers and destroy the greatest document in history; the Constitution.

This deplorable group of questionable character are led by a man who openly expresses his contempt for my America.

The ultimate demonstration of the fact that he is the impetus of the destruction of our nation can be demonstrated by a single word. Donald Trump fails to have the RESPECT of any man or woman who is a true patriot.

This is not a minor representation of the importance of a single word. This is a definition of why he is unfit and unqualified to represent the people of our nation. We deserve a man or woman who represents the principles of all true Americans. Morality, personal character, compassion for others, and respect for all mankind are qualities expected from the man or woman who resides in the White House. Sadly, Trump lacks every aspect of these necessary qualifications.

Trump has proven that he does not deserve your respect. He is not your president. His ambitions are opposed to the betterment of the lives of most Americans. His prejudices and bigotry prove that he opposes the American way of life. Trump’s ambitions will lead our nation backwards into the darkest times in our nation’s history.

Every man and woman in America must evaluate the facts, and ignore the lies of Trump and those who support him. The future of our nation has reached a precarious position. We can fight for our country or allow Trump, Bannon, Mercer and Putin to alter our nation forever. The choice is yours.

November of 2018 is near; surrender to fascists or take your country back.


By James Turnage

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